Even the name Fairy Bells conjures images of magical little fairies who can fix everything. Such is the world of fairies, far, far from our daily realities.

Nothing in our world is perfect. Okay, except for the infinite beauty of nature… including this photograph of Fairy Bells, perfection once again captured by the talented Jim Miller with his infallible eye for the natural world around us. 

Still, none of us can claim perfection in any way, shape or form.

We may have special gifts, talents or achievements unique to who we are but none of it sets us apart from being human. Hence the need to constantly learn and evolve or we make the same mistakes. Repeatedly.

Take blogging for instance. I hastily key in what I’m thinking and often press “publish” before I’ve fully proofed the work. Sometimes I don’t even see an error at all despite reading the piece three or four times. They say it’s hardest to proof our own work and I have to concur.

So for subscribers to my page, please click on the actual page. For it is only after the newly published entry hits your inbox that I find some of my errors.

And, should you be interested in doing so, kindly let me know if I am missing a word, spelling something incorrectly or not making any sense at all. I really don’t mind.

In fact, I appreciate it because quite often in our humanness we forget how interdependent we really are and try to do all things all by ourselves. Thanks to those who have mentioned oversights to me previously and thanks in advance to those who will point out more.

I know only two things for sure tonight. I am only human and, as a human, I am going to make some more mistakes before the last star twinkles in my sky. Let’s hope I get it well enough that the sun does not have to shine twice on the same lesson. Happy evolving, my fellow humans… smiles…

(c) May 23 2011

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