Mother and baby by Anna Cervova

As I approach the immersion of my mind, body and soul into producing the pages of my mother’s life, I am finding sources of strength and encouragement from all courts.

It’s true, there are no coincidences. For only today, as I was looking for art brushes in one of my velvet hat boxes, I opened the lid to find a gift from my mother.

There, still in the clear wrapper is a wee gold heart-shaped lapel pin with praying hands in one side of the heart.

Mom loved hearts and the only thing I have that belonged to her is a heart necklace that, I’m told, she never removed. That’s more than I’ll ever need to remind me of the love between us. Not always a smooth love but what human relationship is? Despite our differences, we loved one another, as Aurora, the love of Chopin’s life once said to him: “deeply, fastly and truly.”

Hearts were also something I used to mark the closing of my letters, cards and messages for many years. I still do. Three hearts, I say, if I can’t make them on the machine I am working on.

What does three hearts stand for, my nieces once asked. Well, I said, I didn’t want to be like everyone else with the x’s and o’s but I also wanted to send people I love something more. So I do. One heart for their body, one heart for their mind and one heart for their spirit.

Today my own heart, mind and body have been fortified by the many blessings appearing in my world. Some made me think of Mom and that I must find the teachings she was given in her Thursday night bible study class she used to tell me about.

 When we talked about it so often, she offered to send me her lessons. Sure I said, and when I read them,  I phoned her to say: It’s all really like one big world effort for goodness with a bunch of man-made labels so each group will think they are special, apart from all the others, isn’t it really?  She laughed and said, “Yuh, I suppose it is.”

There on those papers, in her own hand, are the lessons of all faith, religion, new age, walk of kindness, whatever you label it. My own label is “spiritual earth walker” but I apply it only to myself and respect all paths of faith and spirituality. Mom and I often marvelled together at how they are all connected.

With my mind running to writing projects, my workout, washing my car, writing, cleaning, answering email, reapplying for work at the library  and city today, I did not expect to find such a clear message from Mom but finding it was no coincidence. Because there are none.

Above the little gold heart with the praying hands was a phrase from my church going, bible studying mother:

“You shall be my witnesses.” Acts 1:8

Yes, Mom, I shall be your witness.

Three Hearts. Always.

(c) June 15 2011

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6 thoughts on “MOTHERMIND

    • Thank you, LFR, you are awesome. I have something well over 200 pieces here so it’s no surprise you missed it. I should really start paring this site down to what matters… hmmmm now there’s a conundrum LOL Thanks for your ever heartening comments. Glad you like:)

  1. Derailed by deceitfulness and hidden agendas of a man (or so I thought) I was seeing – oh happy Canada day alright – and a woman (or so I thought) I befriended nearly two decades ago. You just never truly know anyone or what depths they are capable of stooping to in the name of selfishness.

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