Fun With Dick and Jane

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1. I like ending relationships peacefully. And I usually succeed unless the other party or parties are hostile and make a peaceful conclusion impossible. Then I move into acceptance.

2. At six years old in first grade (there was no kindergarten then), after witnessing the moving effect the Bobbsey Twins and Dick and Jane readers had on an entire room of 30 some happy little people,  I flung my hand in the air and announced to the teacher that I wanted to make books when I grow up. I do not know what the problem is. I don’t know if I’m still growing up or still learning how to make books. Probably both, lol. But I promise my fifth book will be memorable and a very good read :)

3. I once fell in an outhouse. Yup, I did. I was little. One of my older brothers was supposed to be watching me but… he was just a kid, too… We both took quite a lot of sh*t for the event, mine literal, his unnecessary because I was really okay.  Just a little sh*tty hahaha. Here’s the blessing. My uncle was to have put lye in the thing before going on holiday which is why we were there, tending his garden. But he forgot. Uncle Gods everywhere, I am forever indebted to you.

4. I usually wind up being the volunteer in any class I am in. I don’t know why, maybe it’s my “no fear” life clause or my unabashed ability to willingly make a fool of myself repeatedly :) Now, on a serious note, here are a few of my past volunteer positions:

Committee Member: Surrey-White Rock Community Coordinated Justice;   Director: Surrey Women’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre;  Director: Communities Against Substance Abuse; Co-organizer:No Booze No Drugs, Just the Beat: Dry Grad; Public Relations  Committee: Richmond Information and Volunteer Centre;  Publishing Assistant: Fleetwood Communications;  Canine Rescue Worker: Mercy, Vancouver

5. I write because I cannot stop. I do not know how to stop and even if I did, I don’t know that I would want to. It is akin to breathing for me. A day without it and I furl inward, lose some of my spark for being. Too many days without it and I’m in trouble. Been there, done that. Don’t want to go down that road again.

6. After many years of bemoaning the advent of technology and resisting it at every turn, I caved and started a blog here a few months ago. Imagine my surprise when it turned out 1)I have met some of the most beautiful and talented people I am ever likely to have the good fortune of knowing online here 2) I actually enjoyed starting a writing blog much more than I ever dreamed 3) I am now a full-fledged blogoholic (Do I hear 12 step program in my future, Hello, My name is Janice. I CANNOT stop writing… oh wait. This is a GOOD thing? Oh, well then. Thank you for the free pen, I’m off to write about this so everyone will know! LOL)

7. I love easily. Sometimes too easily. That is because I believe the best of people … first… until they prove otherwise. It does not always pay in our world to believe others as genuine as we may be. But it certainly pays dividends in the “life skills” bank of learning how others operate and giving much free grist for the writing mill. Blessings come in many strange disguises but I have come to learn that finding them is the key.

8. The “hottest” time in my life was once when my mom removed freshly baked bread from the oven and I sat on the oven door with my doll in hand. OUCH. Big blisters! Mom poured milk over me and called the doctor who said she did the best thing to stop the burning and for my skin. At the time, it wasn’t cold out so I was wearing a thin top and shorts that exposed more skin than if it had been winter. Oh well. It all grew back. Wait. Now that I crane my neck and look back there, I think a lot more grew back than was supposed to, hahaha.

9.  My biggest fear in life is that I won’t live long enough to get everything I want to write finished in this life time. Not interested in fame and fortune so much as simply getting all of these things done and done well. If fame or fortune or both choose to grace me, who am I to refuse? But that is not where my motivations lie, nor are they likely ever to. (see number 5)

10. Here’s a very random thing about me. As a life long learner, I am always taking courses whether working full-time or part-time and probably always will. Now, while I don’t include Ice Skating Refresher, Tennis Refresher or other exercise boot camp knowledge, they are part of what I have done among other things that will likely spring to mind when I am nowhere near anything to write them down with. Which is also why you will find my writing so eclectic. Like I said in my profile, whatever it is, I’ll likely speak to it. At least once. But only if you are very lucky LOL.

Happy Reading, all, thanks for visiting my pages :)



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Day 10 is a song that makes you fall asleep. What is yours?

I adore all of the Erik Satie Gymnopedies but this one actually lulls me the most,  like gentle waves rolling over my mental shores in the way that slumber can arrive, gradually taking our consciousness before we are even aware of it … enjoy…