Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska — The Aurora Bo...

I said Aurora Morealist not Aurora Borealis LOL

The sun will rise
and spirits soar
Your eyes and soul
Down no more
Just go to sleep
Let rest your head
With dreams of love
And kind things said
I bid you goodnight
From ocean side
Where tomorrow shines
A whole new tide.

(c) September 8, 2011

Note of how this one minute poem was born:

In speaking with a friend tonight, he expressed that he’d had a very slow day and was feeling a little down. I bid him goodnight but wrote the above poem in less than a minute, just to cheer him as I knew he was signing off for the night and I only had seconds to do it. He was lifted by it and you know what, I was so lifted by that, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to sleep now, lol. Kidding, it’s been a long day and I’m very tired so more blather tomorrow… still…I wonder if I could write a one minute story… poems are easier don’t you think… ah, what do I know. All I know is a friend was cheered and it was worth staying up to be there. There must be a word for “doublegift” – maybe I’ll just employ literary license and make one up… wait… I’m starting to wake up… uh oh… goodnight all… see you tomorrow :)

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9 thoughts on “ONE MINUTE POEM

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    • Thank you for sharing… I think… still learning how all this works… please forgive my ignorance… and if anyone would like to enlighten me, my ears and eyes are wide open lol

    • You make me smile, woman! Sitting here with a big grin dividing my freckles thanks to you, LOL Just call me a Dr Seuss lover from way back, I used to think in rhymes after first reading his stuff… oh the funny things we do as kids… my ex used to walk backward as a kid… wait… that was a portent of the future in as much as he is one who tends to “live in the past” … funny how even as kids who we are emerges. You must’ve been an absolute riot as a kid :)

      • I had my moments. My mom said that adults in the family used to love to talk with me because they’d always be surprised at the things that I’d think of to say–clever observations or quips. I don’t remember, but she does.

      • LOL I’ll bet anything you gave them a few profound insights to their very own worlds! The reason I’ll bet anything? Because, at last, in life I have found a bet I am certain to win, LOL Good for you :)

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