The Human Guest

Hi, this is Janice to tell you I would like to introduce a guest writer to my blog today. This “Mystery Man”  chooses anonymity and in the graciousness of our friendship,  I abide by his wishes.  He always has something of value to share and today he shares with you as well. Thanks for reading.


Hello, what do you want to read today?

I say the world is bullshit, however what does that mean.  One should define bullshit, at least in this contextual form.   Perhaps we should juxtapose it to a rather ineffable segue.  

Yesterday, while in the dentist chair in a high-rise building, I witnessed a man commit suicide by jumping off a balcony of great height. The man is dead, his brain displayed for all to see, without expression. Police arrived with their endless streams of blue tarpaulin and waving yellow tape.

What does this mean? I will tell you my thoughts…

I cannot help the splattered, distressed individual .

 The building overlooks the predictable meanderings of the ocean against steadfast mountains. I do not have the talent to describe the world we live in, these mountains, 100 million years old, which know no lines. I wonder what these mountains would say.

While leaving the dentist’s office, I had a thought:

Why not love the people I love more, why not care for my friends more, simply spoken, why not give a shit about the people in my own life?

How can I let the people I care for know they are loved?  How can I let the world know I want to care more without sounding like another idiot holding a microphone? 

Sincerely, how do I do this?

I  know this… I want to be a better  man… perhaps we could all be better.

But, then again, I would not tell you what to do.




Back to Janice for just one second before I leave today: Thank you for reading once again.

I know I have said this before on my blog but I once read in a book about a man who decided to think “Dear Everybody, I love you.” He did this all day long and it totally changed him as well as all those around him. Today I want only to say: 

“Dear Everbody, I love you.”

20 thoughts on “The Human Guest

  1. I was at the beach on Cape Cod one summer and a young girl perhaps 3 yrs old was singing at the top of her lungs,” I love you whoever you are!” I never forgot that.
    Love you whoever you are, Yotaki Beautywalk

  2. I’m sorry you had to witness such a horrendous act of self-violence, the worst kind, a selfish kind for those left behind. But on the flip-side of suicide I always wonder what was so brutal in that person’s life that lead him to believe he was not loved, not worth living? Probably because he felt unloved by the ones he loved most? Who knows. Unfortunately we all fall victim to dark thoughts from time to time, perhaps life would be better without me around? Perhaps its as good as its going to get and it sucks balls right now….so fuck it.? who knows why people kill themselves, I have family members that have killed them selves and also others who have “accidently” killed themselves….it’s devastating to think that they thought they were not loved enough……so yes, showing love and doing all that you can possibly do to show the important loved ones in your life is necessary and sometimes life saving….sometimes even for your own self.

    Here are my suggestions – random phone calls, love letters, suprise visits to their houses, make an effort to do something special (without money, but with tons of love and thought put into it), take them out to dinner or lunch or brunch, spend one-on-one or group time and have an endless night of mindnumbing yet prolific conversations with one another, invite someone over for a home-cooked meal, jump to a chance to help them when they need it (even if they don’t tell you they need it, but you know they do), make them a piece of art, write them a poem with meaning and inside jokes only they know about and then frame it and give it to them, print a picture of them and you and frame it then give it to them, send a lovefilled email, a handwritten thank you note just because, start volunteering at a local org/YMCA or hospital…..

    those are just a few of my ideas for the ones I love…things I do on a regular basis even.

    Good luck finding the way to let your loved ones know they mean the world to you…I’m sure it will come easy once you start a habit of it. :D

    • What a great deal of sharing you have done on here. You certainly have endured a lot of challenges in your own world with family loss, accidental or not, and you are so right, we all have dark moments. Your candor is much appreciated and I wish you all the best with your dark moments, Bella… here as an ear if I can ever possibly be for anyone who needs one. Hopefully the comfort you have given others from sharing your experiences and ideas will keep you warm in those challenging moments.

      Your list of suggestions is an awesome one. My friend and I both think they are fantastic. Do you have it posted on your own pages? It would make a great blog feature especially this time of year. I sure enjoyed the reminder of all the little things we can do that cost nothing.

      Thank you for swinging by and leaving us all with so many wonderful ideas for “sharing our love.” Hopefully thanks to your beautiful list of suggestions, there will be fewer people feeling “loved enough” in our world.

    • Bella, what a beautiful reply, I will respond appropriately to your first which is the one I speak of and in the meantime, thank you so kindly for swinging by with your comments! Loving you, too :)

      • ok I look forward to it….although I’m not sure what you meant by first, I’m guessing first comment? thanks again for letting me know and sharing your “secret guest speaker”…..much appreciated and loved. :)

  3. (I think it was Kropotkin… although if it wasn’t, it damn well should have been… who said) When I see my neighbour’s house on fire, what makes me run over with a bucket of water is not ‘love’, it’s something else. I think that is true. Love is something that can overfill us beyond the point where we drown. Only God can love the whole world. You know how I preach mutual aid, right? Well my honest feeling is that love takes too much emotional energy to make it practical. I prefer the word ‘connection’. The man who leaped from the roof felt totally alone, totally alienated. Maybe he was depressed (the ultimate alienation for the sane), I wouldn’t know. But if he had been allowed to feel in any way connected he would never have killed himself.

    Although E M Forster does use the word ‘love’ in the following quotation from ‘Howard’s End’, it seems to me to express the above in a truly poetic way: “Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer. Only connect, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die.”

    • Marie,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. I believe our (mine and yours, I cannot speak for my guest friend) concept of connection very similar.

      Love is consuming. Often worth it, no matter, but agree not when one is being drowned by it.

      Only connect!” Utterly beautiful phrase.

      Many of us know of the great disconnect only too well. My wise friend will appreciate your feedback as I do. No more fragments… our new lifestyle.

      Ever welcome.

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