Diane Keaton, I LOVE YOU!

Look, before you think I have slipped down the garden path and am not returning, I am not a new convert to celebrity-ism. I deplore reality TV shows and have no time to live vicariously through anyone. I barely have time to live vicariously through myself.

But in wrapping Christmas and other gifts yesterday, I turned daytime TV on for some holiday shows/cheer while I wrapped. Two for one was my way of thinking.

Well, boy, in no time flat did I see the reason why this former NRA opposer would now join and invest in a great rack to store new acquisitions. In my opinion, day time TV should be shot. Right off the air. I so could not find anything meaningful but everything that was not: 50 more ways to decorate with decorations we don’t really need to buy in the first place, 100 new fantastic holiday recipes guaranteed to ensure you arrive in 2012 as a multi-bulging replica of the Michelin Man (I hope I got that cartoony tire guy’s name right). Then there is the sticky, gooey, oozing mess and message of religion. I’m sorry but Old Jules said it best on Facebook the other day:

Old Jules, why do so many people hate Christians?

People hate Christians because of their evangelism, mainly. Their implication that other human beings don’t have the good sense to know their own spirituality and the choices they make about it. If they want to know more about the faith of others they’ll ask. Giving unasked for religious or spiritual advice is bad taste, bad manners, and insufferably presumptuous.

So, you can see that I want a dose of reality that does not insult my intelligence, that offers me something to hold onto, a gem of a presence or message that hasn’t been uttered a thousand times before from soap box or other hastily imagined pulpit.

Diane Keaton’s appearance on the Ellen Show was just the hit of realism and earthiness I needed. Before I go any further, I’ll admit, I am partial to Diane Keaton and have always adored her acting. She is like Ellen Burstyn to me, I could watch those women make toast and be happy doing it, so real are they in the world and their acting roles. 

Suddenly appears this angel who has adopted children in her fifties and is loving her life in her sixties, looking lovely as always and introducing us to a book written by she and her late mother. The book is largely composed of her mother’s extensive journalings. Diane said she journals but not nearly as prolifically as her mother did. However, what she said that really stirred me was how we should all write more to get “it” out of our heads. I couldn’t agree more. Health is not just physical and taking good care of our minds by writing out things is a form of not simply sharing ourselves but knowing ourselves.

As a technologically resistant type, I was at once pleased and surprised to hear what she next said. Diane said that she liked what is happening with the internet because we are all writing more than ever before.  I think she is absolutely right. Because now we have people who listen, who care, who connect and visit us repeatedly to see what we might say next.

All I want to say next is: Diane Keaton, I love you!

English: Diane Keaton

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OH! And one great big PS here now:

Not ALL daytime TV sucks. I think my channels weren’t working right until I happened upon Diane Keaton. I know we are already deep soul woman friends, maybe I may actually be lucky enough to meet her someday but even if I don’t, I’ll never forget her wise and loving sharing so openly yesterday. She really rocks life out. May I live to leave just a fraction of her brilliance in my wake.

(c) JAuroraMorealist Dec 14 2011


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22 thoughts on “Diane Keaton, I LOVE YOU!

  1. Like reading your posts … that is for sure and I love writing too. :D I am very thankful … and to God mind you … for the creation of the internet where we can have our moments in the sun with out journaling that would otherwise just sit in a box or collect dust on a shelf. :D

    • Me, too, Shonnie, God/Creator/Buddha etc etc it’s all good to me unless someone is jamming their own brand of juice down my throat. A scholarly friend who is Catholic and went to those schools until university years, said he has read the bible eight times, as well as many other religious books and it all comes down to one thing: “Love thy neighbour…” Decades ago before I met him I wrote the World’s Shortest Book of Life and when I shared it on my blog here, it underlined my position on all choices we all make in life whatever the name/label. I may not always know exactly where I’m going but I go with goodness of all things but then I was the kid at 13 who preached love and peace everywhere she went, LOL It’s in me and I can’t get it out, not that I want to. So grateful for this forum and for you, my shiny Shonnie soul sister. No dust on the shelf for us any more, lol.
      All My Relations,

  2. I love her too.

    I agree about the writing. It is so cathartic. What most people realize, but some still don’t get…is that it is for the writer. It doesn’t matter if it’s poetry, humor, serious content or journal entries as long as writing is happening. AND…..best of all, it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks. The writing is for the writer first and foremost, it is for the reader after that. We can’t please everyone and we wouldn’t be true to ourselves if we tried.

    • There you go again, Crazy Chickie, getting inside my grey matter and spitting it all out far better than I ever could… how is it you can do that so consistently, LOL :) Stay you, stay true, thanks to minds like yours, I shall, too :)

  3. “Giving unasked for religious or spiritual advice is bad taste, bad manners, and insufferably presumptuous” and I support their freedom to go on doing it. We’d look pretty silly if they turned out to be right.


    • LOL Yes. I can see that you might. Just as I support the rights of others to dislike anything force fed… you can lead a horse to water but… Depends on your definition of “right,” M. Is right what others believe is right for one? Or what one believes right for themselves? One of my writers group members/face book friends lists this religion: “Who is the author?” That resonates with me personally but if you really pin me down, my religion is: “Goodness” and the Native Way is about as close as I have come to finding something that encourages me to be my best self without demanding I believe a certain way to do so. My respect for all others chosen paths is evident in my eclectic friends, fellow bloggers, etc and I judge no one but I do think that live and let live is what Jules’ point was. If it’s that good or that right, why do we need “salespeople?” Sales are sales and if a way of being needs selling, I question it. There is, in my opinion, no truer “believer” than the one who finds his/her own way to the miraculous gift of the Creator/God/Universe/insert preferred label here. Again, I think right about what is the question I would ask… Thanks for swinging by with your always welcome thought provoking comments, M. It is a tired world tonight and my pillow calls my name. Happen I may read this in the morrow and want to revise… ooops, lol. See you soon :)

      • That’s fine, J, if one buys into the cultural conventions of today, the mind-set which says ‘religion is individual, privatised’. But that isn’t an absolute, it isn’t a given, and we shouldn’t be surprised to find people operating outside that cultural norm. To many people the essence of religion is communal, and in that respect… yes you can see where I am going… I have absolutely no quarrel with that, in fact I find the trend wholesome. To consign and confine religion or, more properly, faith to the personal and private is to make it a fortress, pull up the ladder, raise the drawbridge, I got mine.

        Also there is a definite movement (call it a need, a psychology, a polity, whatever) amongst religions to share what they have openly, to canvass for support.

        I think where I do part company with them is in the following respect. Whether they will admit it or not, it is ‘head knowledge’ of religion which drives many of them and not spiritual experience. If one reads the New Testament, for example, it becomes very clear indeed that the power of faith is external and internal, is immanent and immediate, and is not simply the assent to a belief. Therefore what inspires a true religious community to come into being is not (or should not be) simply an ‘idea’. What inspires a true religious community to proselytise is not (or should not be) reading in the Bible that you should go out and preach, it should rather be an irresistible anointing of the Holy Spirit.

        But even those people who are entirely head-led – they’re exercising a freedom, and to an extent the rest of us have to suck it up.


      • Community I understand, M, we all need a connection as humans or we’d be in fairly sorry state. I especially understand that as one who just yesterday received a deep transverse body massage for sore spots that had plagued me months. The professional who trained four years in Europe to do this work does many other things as well and we trade, I write something for him or what he does. Right now he needs my interior design/consulting services so that’s our trade this time. Without community, we would truly be adrift. So communal is a concept I easily grasp.

        What I don’t grasp fully is that if they are exercising a freedom to spout their beliefs/values/way of being in the world, and to an extent, we have to, as you say “suck it up” then could we not transfer that to every single thing/movement in the world which would, I think, ultimately lead to complacency about everything as one would simply tire of it all… okay I speak for myself…I would tire of all causes and good things if the hammers did not cease and I were not allowed the space and time to simply find me and find my own chosen way.

        To give an example of this, people cry out about the demise of earth daily and yet consume to beat the band, flying entire families for weddings to exotic locales when we have perfectly good beaches right here. Let’s spend that dough, fill the skies with more needless fuel, constantly buy newer vehicles, house wares, fashions and other goods even though the old ones still function perfectly fine and then get up in arms about the changing earth. Some days I consider tossing full plastic bottle of headache tablets into the trash instead of the recycle bin. Maybe someone will get some relief from it but I can’t align in my mind anything where one thing is said while another is so obviously done and I suppose at the end of the day, freedom of choice rules any outcome, no matter what is preached. Where it offends me, I politely excuse myself and walk away. I’ll listen openly to most anything without objection if people are actually walking their talk and not just talking their talk. Sucking it up not so quietly, LOL LOL Are we done yet, M? LOL

        Just kidding because I sincerely appreciate your brain on the page. You always get me thinking and nothing good in the world can ever happen unless someone is thinking. Though silence has its merits.

        I think I’ll go find some now, aren’t you glad? She finally shuts up, LOL

    • Peace and quiet, lol, wise woman compared to myself, M. Proverbs 17:28: ” Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.” Taking your lead and shutting my cake hole right now that I may enjoy your kind gift to both of us, lol. Thanks for the chat, M. See you soon! :)

    • I do, too! There are those who think her an idiot. I suspect it may be a case of what psychologists deem “name calling is really about ourselves.” She engages me because she is not afraid to say what she thinks or feels, either one. I live there and would happily be stuck in an elevator with her. Or you, chickie, love the way you think :)

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