Fall On Your Knees…

As you may have already guessed, I’m going to share one of my favorite Christmas songs with you. Before I do this, I’d like to share why it has become among my favorite songs.

Fall On Your Knees is also the title of one of the most brilliant works of fiction I have read in my life thus far. Ann Marie McDonald does an amazingly intelligent job of engaging us in a journey set out of time, place and comfort zones for many of us. With her resounding gift of story, she brings us home with every word to the end of the journey reminding us, once again, all that really matters is love. This book does not need the PR. It deserves it. While I’ve seen her interviewed and watched her hosting/narrating many events on CBC, it has been my good fortune for I can reread the text at any time and hear Ann’s beautiful voice, a Canadian living sister sharing her magnificently woven stories with a fledgling who hopes to one day possess a mere fraction of her amazing literary skill.


May you enjoy both works, here is my favorite version of the song, will always love and miss the man who sings it here:


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20 thoughts on “Fall On Your Knees…

  1. This is also my ‘one and only’ favorite song of the season….

    Long lay the world, in sin and error Pining,
    Til He appeared,
    And the soul felt it’s WORTH!
    The THRILL of HOPE,
    a WEARY world rejoices,
    For yonder breaks a NEW and GLORIOUS morn…

    Brings chills to my arms and tears to my eyes EVERY TIME I hear it because who HASN’T ever had a Weary Soul? Who has never found themself Pining over something? Who doesn’t need to experience the Thrill of Hope and the fact that He brings us a New and Glorious Morning every day? Who doesn’t need to hear that their Soul has WORTH?

    Ahhhhhh, Thank You for the reminder- I needed that today :)

    • Delighted! Thank you for providing the lyrics, I am so thankful for your help in sharing the meaning behind the song. Your soul is so worth it. Soul-dier on we must and I want to thank you for being at my side this ambivalent holiday season. Merry Every Joy be yours, sister :)

    • Oh! You just reminded me, I have to get that other piece submitted with the contribution you gave me permission to include! Yikes! I need yellow sticky notes on the end of my nose these days, LOL Thanks for swinging by, Christine, see you soon :)

    • Lovely! Choirs are awesome. I was in one in school where we had to go sing in a town a good bus journey from ours. Awesome experience with my mom. Don’t know how she got the day off from the “little ones” but I’m guessing a granny made that day possible for us. Thanks for the reminder. Love harmonies and have some songbird cousins I’ll share links to over the holidays. See you soon, L :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is my favorite Christmas song, too. My favorite version is by a singer named David Phelps. It’s a completely different style than John Denver’s but it gives me the tingles.

    Here’s a link. FF to about 1:21 to the song and the second verse is my absolute favorite. It says it all.

    • Beautiful version! Thank you for the share. I actually liked the story at the beginning and agree. If someone is in need, please don’t let my number be the wrong one. Great messages there and in the song both :)

  3. Buggar, I couldn’t watch the video as the account has ceased. I really wanted to, after reading all those comments! Sounded very interesting.

    • Oh darn. Well, it was John Denver singing “Fall On Your Knees.” Maybe it can be Googled? Or it might even be on Youtube under some new person or organization. I’ll check and share the link if I find it :)

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