365 Posts on my e-log = A book!


Okay, okay, it’s a book nobody would buy but it proved something to me that I needed to have confirmed despite my Creative Writing Instructor’s saying the same. A page a day for one year = a book. 

A few days ago, I reached 365 posts on my e-log here on WordPress.com, today is 370. This means I can actually write a book in a year since I achieved this in approximately 9 months!

Oh, I know, I know, some of my posts weren’t really posts, rather a video share or something but then in other posts, I went on to make up for it with redundancies that spared me having to repeat myself as often as I repeat myself… :)

What this proves is that I really can finish my fifth book in a year (the first four are not fit for more than campfire starter, seriously… even if I revise them, it will just be a better campfire starter, no joke).

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham 

Life interrupts me.  I was thrown off course again recently but I am almost back in the saddle with horse power on roar.

So, I’ll try to keep my e-log posts to one a day (no no no, that sounds like vitamins or something else one must do, don’t want must do’s, want lots of want to’s! lol). If I miss a day here or there, just know I’ll be back. Probably with more to say than I intended to write or you intended to read.

Meanwhile, dear readers and e-logger community, my writer friend Cathleen Chance Vechiatto has a new term for blog since we agreed we both dislike it so. She likened it to something teenaged boys spit out and I have always disliked it, didn’t even want to admit I was a “blogger” so left that out wherever possible, still do and just say my writing page. Until Cathleen so graphically described it, I never even knew why I didn’t like the term. But it’s too close to something green in the nose for me, that’s why.

I told my friend we should work on developing something new. She replied recently to say she has it: e-log.  Thanks, Cathleen, I love it!

I love it so much, I’m going to employ the term whenever I can. What do you think or do you have a better idea?

 JAM (c) 2011Dec27

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34 thoughts on “365 Posts on my e-log = A book!

  1. I am in awe … you are a prolific blogger your crazy chick! You should turn your past posts into an ebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the term e-log … or e-rants or e-thoughts or whatever … If Apple can monopolize the “i” we can do the same with the “e” Happy New Year Crazy Chick :)

    • Happy New Year to you, too, LFR! My pasts posts were evolving, a “me-in-progress” aloud endeavor so not sure anyone would be interested except, perhaps my extended family and my e-log family, of which you are a VIP member. Thanks for all your help and support this year, could not have done it without you! :) :) :)

      • Aw … thanks Janice. You know I love your blog each time I get an email I’m thinking “what’s that crazy chick gonna talk about today” your blog posts are always a hoot and a holler :)

      • Doing what I can, Crazy Chick, doing what I can to uphold my Eclectic, Eccentric and always Earthy promises :) Delighting in your “hoot and holler” – see your surprising and always riotously funny (to most of us, lol) pages asap! Much love.

    • My first four novels were based on my own personal experience and attempts to prove something to myself: that I could. Now I need to write well enough that others know I can. My fifth book is the life of my mother. Already in the works but stalled with her passing last year. I will keep my promise, however long it takes me :) Thanks for the encouragement :)

    • Thanks so much! I would be nowhere without all you lovely bloggers/readers gracing my pages. Happy reading, I hope, well okay, not all of it will be ‘happy’ but perhaps, something else you will enjoy equally :)

    • Thanks Elyse, I have said before I live to write as I live to breathe and I think it’s been proven… over and over… whether I meant to or not. So glad to have you at my side. Looking forward to your future best seller, woman :) :) :)

  2. e-log… not bad! :) I happen to like it!
    That’s an awesome quote in big characters: when I reached the end I almost jumped off my chair to laugh!
    Sure you can write a novel in a year Aurora! Didn’t you write 50k words in a weekend? ;) Just keep writing. Practice makes perfect. Let’s hope that next year will be very promising for us as writers.

    • Agree, MD, the coming year will be good for all of us. How can it not be? We all connected here in 2011, it only grows sweeter with each brilliant addition to our community, so glad to be part of yours :)

      E-log may be morphing for me into E-logue, just thinking thinking thinking – but then, you already know a great deal about that, thinks-way-too-much-evilnymph, LOL

  3. I love the Maugham quote. Hmmm…”e-log.” Not bad. I’ve never had a serious issue with “blog,” though. I figure everything will eventually be “iSomething.” So maybe “iJournal?” But does that only work if you do it on an iPhone or an iPad?

    I might be wrong, but I think the word “blog” came as a shortened version of “weblog.” So your friend’s “e-log” might not be so far off.

    “Blogging” sounds like something you might do in a forest.

    • It is a good quote, isn’t it, I adore it. You are the second reader to mention “i” something. Perhaps you are onto something we should pay more attention to. I like your personal take on “blogging” “in a forest,” it fits! The term E-log is still being considered but I personally favour E-logue. We’ll see, will keep you posted. Thanks for visiting, Jeff and Happy 2012 to you and your lovely family :)

  4. “Blog” is a terrible word. I’ve always thought it sounded like a bodily function. E-log is definitely a step in the right direction, but I’m lazy. I need a monosyllabic word. Don’t you love that “monosyllabic” has 5 syllables? The English language is a hoot.

  5. I love the new look you have. It is so fabulous.
    Whatever you call it, it is great. Blog is short for Web Blog and both sound blah. Almost like vomiting. I think just calling it something else when inspire you, and me now, even more. You go girl!

    • Thanks, L, glad you like my new look. LOL at almost like vomiting. No kidding. There simply has to be a better, more inspirational term. I don’t even like to say I am a “blogger” because it borders on something to do with bathrooms… vomiting is close, lol. Maybe we can keep playing with the Elog until we get something lasting and “writerly” sounding.

  6. I’m from the south; therefore, I get a tad lazy at the tongue. I’m sticking with blog, as it has less syllables. Plus, it’ll be hard for folk to catch on to what an e-logger is. Sounds like a little machine that hums and truth be told, both you and I are way cuter than that. :-)

    On a serious note, you could create a category dedicated to a specific topic for your blog posts to turn into a book. Not that you didn’t know that already, perhaps but thought I’d say it anyway. I do wonder the success of posting an entire book on a blog and then publishing it, especially since people are reading electronically anyway and e-publishing is the ‘in’ thing now. Hmmm…

    • LOL Less syllables seems to be the resounding theme for whatever we call it :) I think you are right about e-logger, I don’t like the sound of it already… doesn’t have writer in it anywhere… again… ewrite…hmmm ewriter… that’s a little better but only just… needs more thought.

      For now, I’ll thank you both for stopping by again and your comments, Tots. Hear you on the book but I’m a little concerned about doing a book online. Have friends who self-published and it’s not really taking off for them at all. I think there is something to be said for writing on the “blog” as a means of opening up creativity and community support there to do so. But I don’t think I’ll put my book pages online anywhere until I see if I can get it published through traditional means first. Since I am a long way from even submitting, it’s not yet a concern for me but who knows how the adventures of my fifth book may play out. Technology changes things so swiftly, perhaps you are right e-publishing may prove the best route at the end of the day but I don’t think I’ll share here first… I somehow think it would diminish any other publishing effort with the same work. I could be wrong but I know when entereing contests they often say must not be published elsewhere so… dunno… rambling, better go, thanks for swinging by, Tots, see you soon :)

  7. I think the idea of posting once a day and having the each post be something you have in mind for a book (they would have to tie in together and be somewhat cohesive–have a tread that connects them) would be awesome. At the end of the, you WILL have an entire manuscript.

    Write on, Artist, Writer, HSP Sister!

    • It’s a good idea and I would do it if I weren’t so eclectic on here… don’t think I can do that effectively on my blog and I’m concerned that if I already publish/make public the work here myself, I won’t have much hope of publishing elsewhere. I think I’ll just continue writing it in private and let my blog do what it does, take me wherever the mood, thought or topic of the day leads me. Otherwise I might see it as a chore and this way, it stays fun for me while I do my ‘behind the scenes’ writing. Bits and pieces are here anyway in the odd thought or paragraph but nothing that would prevent a publisher from taking on a “new” work. I might do that as a side project just to see if I can do a novel ad-lib at a page a day, maybe open another page on here just for fun… depends on time constraints… it’s all so time consuming. Thank you for taking some of yours to visit and drop your always appreciated comments, Artist, Writer, HSP Sister, Much love and joy be yours in 2012 xo

  8. e-log is fine with me. Two other words I want to no longer wish to endure are “cool” and “awesome”. Addie of “BETWIXT AND BETWEEN” has resuscitated “topping”, which has happy resonances for me. And then there’s always “shiny”. Here’s to “Out with the old and in with the new!” :D

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