Alast Alast insistence reigns down

Alast dividing minds and renting hearts sore

Unworthy might A last word


(c) 31Dec2011 JAM

English: Two candles in love. The flame is inv...
This is my last word for 2011 – I think – lol. And with it, I would like to wish all of you in my community here on as well as everyone who so kindly reads my pages, a very shiny, brilliant New Year filled with much love and joy. If it weren’t for you, I may not have continued writing at all on here and now it seems, I cannot stop :)Thank you, everyone, for shining and sharing your own unique light of you with me through 2011.
3 Hearts
(Three Hearts is my signature for the past 30 years, my way of sending Love and Light to the Body, Mind and Spirit of all readers, receivers of my message(s))
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16 thoughts on “Alast

    • Thanks, L, so glad you like! I am missing everyone’s latest, trying to keep up but my page loads are horrendously long, so if you don’t see me soon, you will. Just need to get this computer issue solved and get off this dinosaur, lol xo

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