Easy Reading

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Years ago when I shared a few of my poems and stories with a friend, her son scanned over it all and said, “I could have written that.”

What he meant is that my writing was simplistic and he thought he could do it. I challenged him to try to match the level I was then writing at. He never did. Happen he never will.

Just another naysayer who is all too ready to criticize before putting their money where their mouth is in terms of publishing, winning awards, etc. Oh, I know my publications and awards are very humble. But they are mine and I earned them.

I also know there are many who are all to ready to fault find and deem writing “just another nice little hobby” or “not a real job.” Sometimes it is more real than any paid position we might hold. Just because it does not or may not pay does not mean it is easy nor does it mean that what appears to be easy reading was easy to compose.

It merely means that someone, somewhere was able to engage you so fully that you were some place different, felt something different, something that changed you from the moment before you read it to where you are now. If you can do that, it matters not the education or experience, in my world that alone makes you a writer. Easy reading perhaps but the next time you are reading something that seems to flow effortlessly, something that sweeps you away to another time or place, remember that someone, somewhere may have already “sweated out” your fare there, worked out a way to take you from your chair to the zone of their world and that often is as simple as extracting blood from the mind. It is called the work of writing.

English: Line art drawing of an armchair

As one writer friend said recently when I said that her writing just flows so seamlessly, I don’t know where it ends and I begin: “Looks are deceiving, J.” Oh, yes. They are.

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24 thoughts on “Easy Reading

    • I know, it’s sad considering the arts require a lot more blood, sweat, tears and all in relative discomfort if you really dedicate yourself because you are ever the “starving artist” until you are suddenly an overnight wonder… seen it so many times with musicians who played the worst of scenes just for exposure and after years of living on the road were just suddenly so lucky… sticks in my craw… ah well… what doesn’t… anything unfair or myopic ticks me. Glad to be dancing in your revolution :)

  1. Actually, I think that the nay-sayers can sometimes be a help — to push you, and to make you say, “oh yeah? WATCH ME!”

    Then again, sometimes they make the questions in my own head a little louder!

    • LOL I agree! Have been told in the past “you can’t do this or that, etc” and was hired for positions because I “know how to get things done.” Don’t ask me why, I plunder along trying to find my way and if there is no door, I just build a new one. If only to give the naysayers more to gripe about and have a new room in which the doubts can soundly resound, LOL Thanks for swinging by, E, see you soon :)

  2. I think I’m harder on my writing than anyone else. I always see posts on blogs (like yours, often enough) that make me wonder, Why am I even considering being in the same league as these people? Nothing I write seems to be as moving as those I read. Fear not, friend. You write splendidly.

    • Ah, you have both questionsed and answered yourself. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else. This I know as I have always been this way and still have people tell me it almost daily. Not just about my writing either. All of life. Secondly, oh, I never said firstly, did I, oh well, LOL Secondly, you are NOT in the same league and never will be, Miranda. YOU are in YOUR own league and the writing YOU do is what makes it YOU, YOURS and thereby OURS to enjoy like no one elses. You have had me in stitches of laughter, teary with movement from something poignant you shared and your “every day” life sharings ground me on days when I am wondering, doesn’t anyone lead ordinary daily lives anymore? LOL Thanks for being you and please, if I may borrow your own last two sentences: “Fear not, friend. You write splendidly.” :)

  3. Many people don’t consider writing a “job.” To those people I say, try it. This is not to say that is all work and no play. I love to write. I also find enormous value in it. It’s just that, as you point out, many people look at writers and consider them playing around with a hobby. If you don’t make money doing what you’re doing, what you’re doing isn’t valued in our culture. It’s truly a shame…

    • As with all Artists (I think Marie said this earlier but it’s a well known fact). Many Canadians still leave Canada just to “make it” and then come back because the support network and/income is simply not there whether you pursue ballet (a friend’s daughter finally gave it up and went into nursing), rock band (a friend who is really great and did the road thing for many years is content to run his business and play in various bands as well as teach students in his spare time but still loves to rock it out every chance he gets), a friend’s mom was a brilliant oil painter whose works only stood in closets until she passed. It was so sad because her works are magnificent, just breath-taking but people only ever saw her as a little housewife with a nice little hobby. Anyway, I digress and could do so for some time because these aren’t the only examples I know of where artistry was abandoned/sacrificed to do the “acceptable” thing and not just have a silly little hobby. I wonder what the greats would say of that. Nevermind, I know. Keep on keeping on, that’s all we must do. Your work and words are valued here. Always :)

  4. Writing is not that easy as reading! Tho, I also believe that, if you have the heart to write there’s no limitation that we could put into it. Your passion will do it for you.

  5. Can we say jealousy? There are good days and bad days as we all know. It isn’t easy to come up with something new all the time that catches someone’s attention or holds their interest. AND…..We write for ourselves, but we do want to share our words with others, so that’s important. It would be great to get recognized in the form of payment for our writing, but lack of it, doesn’t make it less.

    • LOL Funny you say that because it seems even though I don’t get paid for it, at least not enough to live on, yet… any attention I get for it is frowned upon by many in my immediate family. Still, it’s not like I can stop now, lol. So less, more or in between, I must be doing something right for all of you to so enjoy what I manage to post. Having computer issues, L, so if I don’t see your pages now, I will soon. Off to answer a couple more before my library time ticks down. xo

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  7. Another experience, not one that has been mentioned here, is when I come to reread something a while back, get caught totally up in it, and at the end think to myself, “Wow! How the hell did I write THAT!!!”

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