Writing A Book

Steven Wright Quote

Image by BostonPhotoSphere via Flickr

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” – Steven Wright

Just  read the above quote on here and had to share it because I burst out laughing. I so relate.  On book number five, I do have page numbers in mind but I don’t have them done yet.   I do promise to share my progress.  But you probably figured that out about me already. Off to see if I can sleep, maybe I’ll dream  the book finished.
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18 thoughts on “Writing A Book

    • Except I have so many great beginnings that led me nowhere, I think for me, finishing is probably the challenge, lol. Thanks for the support and happy writing to you as well, Christy!

    • LOL Yes, that’s where I’ve been collecting many of them from. Some are so redundant… and repetitive… oh does that mean the same thing, lol. Perhaps I should send them a new string of quotes to post, lol.

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