When Angels Cry

Tobias and the angel

darkness awakens monks smiling faces

admiring my wheels,  nuns failing inner rents

please, where is my bike?

(c) JAM 20Jan2012

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16 thoughts on “When Angels Cry

    • Glad you enjoyed! It really was a dream, strange dream where monks were actually polishing my car which was inside the monastery, they said for my protection, tires resting on the ornate tiles, nuns were plying me with gifts, filling my car with magical, mystical gifts of love and sooth-sayings but I kept sobbing because all I wanted was my bike. Hmmmmm. Thanks for finding me and commenting. Will visit your pages soon :)

    • Ah! You remember! Well, M, at first I wanted to cry, I was so happy you found my bike for me. Then I was laughing so much, my smile growing each time I read your comment so that I feel you now deserve a plinth for certain. I knew all along you had one. You don’t look smug up there, do you? LOL LOL

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