WATCHDOGS: Joan of Dark

Cultural depictions of Joan of Arc

Watch out for watchdogs here
Their search terms give them away
It’s easy to see who they are
By the open hand they play
Joan of Arc in motion believed
But Joan of Dark what was received
Set in stone for all to see
When first she did deceive
No virtue wrote she of me
No character value have I
Said penned angry words when she
Realized her own fruitless try
This is what deceitfulness holds
For all who would venture there
Hopes of something “never real”
Reality: Nobody cares
Watchdog if you watch today
You’ll recognize your name between lines
You erected so fastly against us
When baring your cruel heart’s judgement of mine
Two friendships destroyed you, two trusts evermore
We both know well your lies feigning “friends” yet pursuing
Your twisted road of evil as you follow your selfish nose  
Loss of moral compass your own public character undoing.
This was written because I see the same search terms in my data from every single day. It really feels creepy so I am, as I am wont to do in case you haven’t clued in by now, speaking out about it.

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14 thoughts on “WATCHDOGS: Joan of Dark

  1. I have “fallen angel” turn up in mine all the time. I don’t know if it’s cause I wrote a few poems about them or not, is that what you mean sorta or am I being totally clueless, lol? Just curiously asking, but great poem by the way!! hugs, Terri

    • Maybe, Terri, but I don’t want to say what my searches are on here, they are pretty specific and not my name either. Plus the pieces clicked on after that make sense with the search term. I prefer to collect them in case I need them. Thanks for the compliment on the poem :) See you soon, Blog Angel!

  2. It is interesting to see how people find our blogs. These were ACTUAL search terms I’ve gotten: colonic irrigation insertion my anus, punch you repeatedly, tearing your hair out, ronnie jersey shore, looking for sex on craigslist. This surely means that my fan base is comprised of serial killers, and that scares ME.

    • That would scare me, too, Jen. Holy Creepiness :) Just cut and paste them with dates in a safe place in case it keeps happening or anyone weird contacts you and you need to alert the powers that be, that’s all I know to do to protect ourselves.

    • I don’t think I’m alone in this either especially when we are so “out there” publicly but it just feels nasty to me. So I had to get it out of my head and now I have. Not to say it won’t roil back but if it does, you’ll know, lol.

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  4. I’m torn. I really want to stay on your good side, but you write such a wonderful and compelling “get the hell out of my life and site poem”, that I kind of want to get on your bad side so you can dedicate one to me.

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