Dreams of Angels

"Landscape with the Dream of Jacob"

For the past three nights I have been visited in dreams by angels, nuns and monks.

In every dream they brought care, love and gifts to soothe my soul, sore from longing for a bike I could not find. They glowed in their presence, their faces all kind, they shined my car, filled it with gifts wrapped in ribbons gold and red and went after a man who stole my cell phone. He left his behind and when he returned for it, I yelled at my nephew to stay inside and don’t open any doors, then I yelled from out an upstairs window of the house we were in:

Police, police, the man who stole my phone is here now, go outside and get him!

The man, who looked of Asian descent wore a navy with a white shirt and dark tie, fled in his brand new dark silver car and the license plate was 4CLV38.   The angels were well ahead of him and the police. We were safe from whatever dark deed he was up to. It was windy out but warm wind because we had the upstairs windows of the house wide open to the fresh after-rain fragrance wafting through.

In every dream my car was present, proof I do not need a bike. In every dream cell phones were present, three in one instance. In every dream my four-year old great-nephew (who really is great) was also present. I was trying to protect him and the angels, nuns and monks were protecting both of us.
A kind man rubbed my feet somewhere in the midst of all this and I remember wishing that could go on forever, my feet were so sore.

Years ago I took a course in dream analysis. Too bad I cannot remember much from it.

As an HSP,  I am a lucid dreamer so when I awaken, there is always a rent in my being, a moment where I have to come to grips that I am here and no longer there amid the sounds, colours and touches of others.  Three times in my life I have had the same dream as three other people I love. A sister, a niece and my husband. This is the first time I’ve had the same dream three nights in a row. That I can recall, anyway.

It’s starting to unsettle me. Let’s hope I have a whole new dream of something different this night.

(c) JAM 21jan2012

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8 thoughts on “Dreams of Angels

  1. Dreams! They confuse me, and lately I’ve been having some really strange ones lately. Your dream here sounds kinda nice, though. Angels, foot massage, etc… nice! :) I’ve been scarce around your pages lately… but I get you in my email at every post so I still get to read you:) Happy Newy Year, by the way.

    • No worries on scarce, Katerina, I am guilty of same, hard to read everyone on the same day…uh, even week as my list grows, lol. Everyone is telling me they are having strange dreams right now. Must be something in the global air. Vivid. Nice to see you and Happy New Year to you as well :)

  2. You should keep a dream diary if you don’t already. I always note down the dreams I remember and I love to research about dream analysis… All those possible explanations… they make me wonder – think – a lot! ^^

    • Yes, it’s true. Some of mine come true. I never know which until the deja vu hits me or I have such a strong sensation, I have to tell someone not to drive that day. Held back on that once because my intuition told me to, turns out he was in a multi-car crash not his fault, everyone was fine but had he not been there driving the rig he was to create the “wall” at the edge of the sheer drop, some vehicles would surely have pitched down the mountain side and lives lost. Weird, huh. I still have to pay attention to the intuitive stuff. It seems to work when all else/others fail.

    • It was crazy. I had the same dream, my nephew and my car were in it again. Four times now. Nuts. I don’t like this. My dreams have come true before but they aren’t always the kind we want to come true. Good Health, happiness and emotional healing, healing, healing, that’s my dream, for everyone if I have to lean toward just one, lol.

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