Testy Testy Testy Thursday…too

Wordless Wednesday 2010-02-24

I’ve seen this thing called Wordless Wednesday around. Is there a name for every day of the week? That could be inspiring. Thanks to the inspiration of Totsymae’s wicked funny brain in motion, I’m trying to be funnier. I’m not very good at it … yet… but I’m thinking maybe:
Mealy Mouthed Mirthful Monday
Tell All Talk Tuesday
Wingnut Wordless Wednesday
TestyTestyTesty Tanka Thursday
Free Falling Freedom Friday
Snarky Sassy Saturday
Sanctimonious Soulful Sunday
Ideas for theme of the day are welcome. I’m thinking of changing my blog patterns to something more predictable. Lest my eclectic, eccentric and always earthy deliveries may bore those seeking something more stable for their reading pleasure.
Now, don’t worry, I am giving myself a good “talking to.” Because if I do this, I have to NOT break the rules. Oh my. Do you think that’s possible? No. Nor do I. But I could try to colour within “the lines” for a change if only to annoy those who insist on reading between them.
 Just in case I wasn’t clear enough in black and white text, feel free to make your own interpretations without asking a single question whatsoever. Assumption doesn’t work at all for me but hey, if it works for you, who am I to interfere with your correctness?
For some, it seems to work better than actually reading what is. Take the Bible for instance. How many interpret that good book when erecting a pedestal under themselves or their actions, a pedestal that crumbles heartily if you reverse the situation and the shoe is on the other foot.  Convenient and gratifying spouting? Yes. Reliable and predictable behaviour? No.
And neither am I as an artist who writes her own interpretations of experiences in daily life, past life and life in general. Songwriters do it, poets do it, prose writers do it, we all do it whether in words or imagery. This is how we arrived in 2012 with such a rich history of artistry before us. If we try to put a stopper in artist’s voices, whatever their chosen media, we might well siphon the very life out of them. Ask any musician. They would not be where they are, enjoying the successes they do if they had stopped writing song lyrics just because someone didn’t like it. Those I know of do not know how to stop. Nor do I. How I love being my writerly self. 
Just for fun, I’m doing TestyTestyTesy Thursday today because I need to learn more about Tanka before I heartily embarrass myself soundly on a falsely self-assigned pedestal, lol, enjoy:


Triangular trade wordless

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always somebody up to something
insidious navigations showing why distrustful minds must
waste life thinking this way
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20 thoughts on “Testy Testy Testy Thursday…too

  1. It does seem like there are lots of themed days going around the week. I just joined onto an endeavor to uplift the blog-o-sphere called “Take Back the Blogosphere” that happens each Thursday. No alliteration, but a great idea. I posted about it today. :)

    • Thanks, Lorna, going to read your pages now. You know me. Ideas machine who gets fed up on day five of the challenge, lol. So I likely won’t stick to any format. But I’ll try stuff now and then just to see what I’m capable of :)

  2. Hey … why don’t you just be you! Kinda like ya that way. If that means you will have a name for a day … then it will be fun and unusual … with a Aurora Twist! :) I am on this subject gonna have a Foodie Friday tomorrow … been planning it all week! i love to cook and EAT! so it fits with ME!

    Wish you were here!

    • Okay now you sound like my friend Marie Marshall. I think I’m outnumbered. Alas, I’ll just have to remain me, LOL LOL Looking forward to your Foodie Friday and dang I wish I could be there, too, I bet it’s going to be so good. Thanks for visiting, see you soon, Shonnie. Looking forward to whatever you “cook up!” :)

    • My pleasure to support your blog and thank you for all your visits to mine :) I am so behind on these! I’m so sorry people but I keep getting lost in replying to comments and forget to remember to share the love. Will try to do it asap, T :) Forgive me if I’m poky and feel free to kick start my brain if it looks like I forgot. Because I probably did. Much thanks and love to you for your recognition of my pages.

    • Say no more, say no more. LOL LOL No kidding. Catharsis. Processing. Purging. All the same river. Just different rafts that blow apart in the waves and need to be reckoned with somehow. Or other. If not this, I would write song, I’m sure of it :) LOL

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