Aging with Friends

An 87-year-old friend phoned me to help with her toilet. Yes. I said toilet. It was plugged. I went. Toilet fixed and she cracked some champagne for us because we haven’t seen one another since before Christmas.

Next thing I know,  well, you know it. I went out to do a favour and came home with a new appreciation of aging. It is not easy but making friends is always the best policy. You never know when you might need one to plunger your toilet back to functioning!

Irene Ryan

My friend can be quite  crusty but hey, she has a right to be herself, and I not only worked with but cut my teeth on the brittlest of people. So it cannot be all bad, I didn’t do all that learning for nothing and I have been gearing myself to do this kind of work helping seniors someday because I live in their community. Who knows? Maybe my friend is teaching me more than I know about what I am here for.

So here’s my foray into a new line of thinking. And all I could think tonight when my friend was talking to me was how “with it” she still is for all her forgetfulness and in her, I saw my Granny, I saw my Mom, I saw me. We all just want to be loved and stay in our homes as long as we possibly can, don’t we.

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I will do as I do with everything and do my very best for my friend as and when I can to help out. Mostly because I care about my friend and want to do a good job whatever I do, paid or volunteer or as her friend. Which is what I would want friends of my mother’s to do and they did when she needed them and I lived too far to be of any help in her last two years of life.

Meanwhile I get to listen to my friends stories, her devilish sense of humour as intact as ever… and her lively, sentimental memories. She even reminded me of a couple of things I forgot from when we first met in 2001.

She gave me a hug as I left tonight and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your hair always smells so good.”

And they say she can’t remember much.

JAM 31Jan2012

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38 thoughts on “Aging with Friends

  1. “…my friend can be quite crusty but hey, she has a right to be herself…” You are such a good friend! Knowing a person’s limitations, but also understanding that that’s just part of life :)

    • Thanks, Jen! I like the way you see me! LOL Now, may I borrow your kind looking glass? LOL It’s funny but I’ve had a few ‘crusty’ people in my life and managed to work around them or with them to the point where they really trusted me (my honour) … so far… glad you are part of my life here in the blogosphere :) See you soon.

  2. Good luck with your new position and the writing doors that it may open up. I have heard the phrase “it’s who you know” so many times… By the way your photo of the computer on the car seat made me smile :)

    • Pleased to give you a giggle for a change, Anne! LOL I know my pages have been serious and I’m feeling a bit lighter with all of that voiced. Who knows, it might work out in a lot more laughs for you, too, lol :) Thanks for swinging by. Always nice to hear from you :)

  3. I was waiting for my ship to come in – they closed the port and the firth silted up. Ah well, to misquote Cyrano de Bergerac, “J’ai toujours ma bicyclette”.

    • You are killing me softly with your comic turns of phrase. And I see that damn bicycle has returned, LOL LOL Ah, well familiar is comforting. Thanks for the giggles. Glad your mind is not silted up, M. :)

    • Thanks, Addie, glad you enjoyed. It’s really funny, everyone thinks it’s really hard to take care of but I just told someone yesterday, “My hair does what it wants. I just live under it.”

  4. This was such a cruisy cheerful post :) Congrats on doing the favour/getting the job. That’s great! It’s precious, actually. When I’m old & people have died away, I hope there will be some kind of companion for me.

    I loved your photos, especially the sailing one.

    • Hi, N, how are you? You are such a prolific and dedicated writer, I don’t know how you get time to do it all. So nice to see you swinging by. Also glad you liked the chirpy piece and photos. Just trying to deliver my promise of “creative slices of life, love and a little humour in the past lane.” See you soon :)

    • Nice to know I made you giggle for a change, MD. I’m not sure if it’s a serious or I’m just making them up as I go to suit my moods. But hey, it’s not an exam, it’s all in good fun. See you soon! Thanks for the encouragement to be kooky, Lord only knows I may deliver next now, LOL

  5. A very warm story… so like you. Nature knows her friends, and provides accordingly. Two opportunities in one! Hope you get to write for that mag. Rooting for you :)

    • Katerina, I’ve missed seeing you and apologize for my MIA instead of reading pages as often as I would like to. I will get there very soon. Thank you for swinging by and sharing some beautiful “you.” Unfortunately, the job fell through but who knows, I may yet be able to write an article or two for the magazine, depends what they want, really but I’ll try it if they want me to if only for another opportunity to write of something I know nothing of. Learning is always half the fun :0

    • So glad to make you smile! It made me smile as well. But the job fell through due to an unforeseen/unanticipated circumstance so who knows, I may get a writing peace or 2 out of it someday. For now it’s back to the drawing board but, I try to tell myself every day, it could always be worse :)

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