If forked roads reach Y

without X and Z

where did you go

Why can I not find me?

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18 thoughts on “X Y Z

    • Thanks, Joe, I take that as a compliment. Many tell me the same thing and I feel honoured. It only seems to be problematic for those who do not like what you make them think about. Oh, well. Therein lies the reason for healthy communication and honesty in all relationships, no need for regrets if you don’t do any evil, LOL Glad you like :)

  1. It’s a long road that has no bicycle rack,
    no friendly tea-stop where they loan out
    bowls of water and rubber patches.
    it’s a tedious road without a stray cow
    munching grass, suddenly affronted,
    around the sharp, hedged elbow where
    the wild parsley tops the rye grass.
    It’s an unfriendly road that has no kettle
    hidden in a thorn hedge, matches wrapped
    in oilskin, and a beck nearby for water.
    It’s a dour road without a friendly wave,
    a Raleigh, a Peugeot, a Barry Hoban
    passing the other way, a parson leaning,
    pipe in hand, on a green garden-gate,
    his pipe-stem pointing the way to town.
    It’s a quiet road that you find to freewheel
    with no sound except the air that passes,
    no, not even the following flies, no song
    from the spotter skylark; but there, a reed-pool
    whose shore sips its polished rim, and where
    if you are careful, if you bank your ride
    with one wheel lazy-spinning skywards,
    if you make sure your foot and lean -
    you may see your shadowed self,
    grinning, a caught-out narcissus,
    wondering if the water has roads too,
    just like the dry, green-and-grey, crossed,
    forked, double-back-bending land.

    • Methinks you and Yotaki are onto something here with your similar comments. Since you are both such wise and wonderful women, I am duly taking notice. Will ponder your comments and see what I can grow into or up to here. Just realize I will be challenged to reach your incredibly high depths of being, lol, but on I press to try xo

  2. Love this! Short, cute, and saying so much at the same time. You can easily get lost along the way of life, missing some of the letters and pieces of yourself along the way.

    • Trust you to think of it in terms of a puzzle! That is really a great analysis of the sensation I was trying to express. As though pieces of me just won’t fit right now. And they won’t. This morning I drove around and around trying to find myi therapists office and I left in plenty of time. But kept taking the wrong turn or thinking it was this street or that and finally wound up crying, heading home and starting over becasue I couldn’t figure it out. I was still on time. Exactly. But I was teary from the exhaustion of it all. Hopefully she will help me glue back together what others tore asunder. As will my kind blogosphere community. Thanks for visiting, see you soon.

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