My Shelf

MPD plume


firing edge bound

sharp off shelfs

living only halfly

 my first self


JAM 17MAR2012

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12 thoughts on “My Shelf

    • LOL LOL Except for perhaps the odd handlebar moustache that lingers despite the long dead fad. I was unaware that phrase was used in Bond. But then people tell me I say things Plato and Socrates said (though I never read those things there either). Just proves we are all human and think the same things. Rather were, in their cases. Well, thanks for the giggle. Enjoy your day, M, :)

      • Well, glad you are delighted, M. Just busy being me, genuine as I am, I think others the same unless they prove otherwise. Okay, one of me admits to this. The rest are looking rather dubiously at her. There now. I’ve really let the girls rip now, lol lol.

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