The Dog Ate My Homework and other BS

Blame Miller Club

Blame Miller Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever notice how people who blame are never accountable for their own ill choices, will never admit what they did to create such polarization?

It’s all my fault my ex made such horrible choices. I am a horrible, bad person and I held a gun to his head so that he would make every bad choice and do every bad thing he ever did to anyone including me. However, in the midst of illness and loss, I removed myself  and yet… he continues to blame me, even called me a few weeks ago to say “I just went to the casino and lost six hundred bucks because of you.” Oh, blame.

Ever notice how people who blame get so all up in their blame game, they can never even apologize for initiating all the grief in the first place?

I’ts all my fault that certain family members decided things about me without ever even getting to know who I am or asking me what happened. Apparently anyone else’s account but mine will do of the highly dramatic and falsely created situation. Even if I share what verbal and written abuses I endured from adults, I am still wrong. I am still the bad one. It’s all my fault they behaved so nastily to me because I also held a gun to their heads to force them to do so.

Ever notice how that one finger pointing outward always means three are pointing right back at oneself?

It’s all my fault that my long time friend deceived me while chasing childish dreams with my ex. Fatal Attraction has nothing on the sneaky, sly ways of my nearly two decades friend who was so cunning, she had the nerve, after being exposed for what she is, to write a letter to ME saying “you are of no character value.” I’m sure that’s probably my fault, too, I likely deserved it because I likely held a gun to her head too so that she would treat me so cruelly.

Ever notice how blame creates gangs of “like thinking” mentality, need for acceptance being the key to the “in club?”

Ever notice how fast time goes and how short life is?

Who next, I wonder, shall be blamed for that?

36 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Homework and other BS

  1. Oh, I am so glad you are here to blame. I was really getting tired of taking responsibility and being honest. Now I know who really is at fault!
    Yes, it is so frustrating that people do that. When I worked in the prison the inmates would tell me that it was not their fault but if the person did not fight back they would not have been forced to kill them or if you did not wear the gold chain they would not have to steal it. It is always the victims fault.
    The gangs of blamers, of course when you have no integrity, no backbone you join together with like minded persons so you do not have to look at yourself and do the difficult task of being honest and making changes. If you can convince yourself you are in the right and another agrees then most certainly you are right.
    Now on a more “serious” note: when I was teaching at the university my son got a puppy. The puppy thought it would be fun to chew up some of the students homework. I was quite red-faced explaining to them what happened to their assignment. Yotaki Beautywalk

    • It’s okay, Yotaki, I’ll take the blame. Apparently I wear it so well I had to live five decades on the planet just to find out it is NOT my job or MY responsibility to do so in any way. But for you, anything, my dear, lol. I hear you on the prison blamers, many do who are not even physically imprisoned except by their own circular self-righteous thought patterns they choose not to address. Does help to have a back bone instead of a wish bone but “group think” can twist even the strongest of spines to doubt themselves. I don’t doubt me at all anymore. Giggling at your reference to the “I’m okay, you’re okay club” so many of them out there. Scary. Love your serious note. That was awesome funny cuteness xo

  2. HA! I have noticed the gangs of righteousness. People have this need to judge that I don’t understand. Maybe people join these gangs because they are lazy and worried someone might blame them. LOL! It’s a ring of protection like a real gang.

    Great post!

  3. One of the fundamental problems with our society is that so few people truly accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions, nor are they required to. Interesting post, Janice!

    • Yes. Lack of accountability is riddled with feeble excuses rooted in blame of someone or other. Consequences are necessary to learn at a very young age otherwise, if they are not taught well, this is the result. Rapists will say “she was asking for it,” abusers will say “they/she/he” made me do it. Escapists float a precarious river of denial on the waves of their collective self-righteous justifications – God help them the day the river floods its own banks. Sucks to be an avoider/runner/escapist. Best to deal with things appropriately at the time, otherwise time creates it’s own barrier contributing to the illness of the situation instead of healing. Well, not sure where all that came from but there you have it, what I think and believe once again :) Luvya!

    • LMAO Yes, geography has merits unforeseen in the grand scheme of things. The crazy thing is you can show those types what they did and said in black and white, sometimes in their very own hand writing or emails and yet, they create a drama that enables them to continue blaming you, all while helping/enabling one another to support you for the NOTHING WRONG you did in the first place because you didn’t owe any of them an explanation and the more you tried to explain, the more they twisted your words to maker you WRONGER still. Oh, true lies. It’s not just a movie. Though I must say the movie was at least entertaining. This form of repetitious and cyclical ill behaviour patterns is nothing short of absolutely wearisome and tedious to anyone who must endure it for the sake of keeping family, workplace or relationship peace. I’m shouting out because I’m breaking out. No longer imprisoned by their control, no need to keep peace for anyone but myself. Thanks for all your support, you and so many others online have played a greater role than you know in my personal path to wholeness and wellness. Now when I see those patterns of ignorance, I move away… as fast as I can… even if all I can do is step back and watch them in motion… yet again… I step back. It would be nice to see healthy patterns that I would want to step forward for but likely not very probably in this lifetime :)

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