“There are two great days in a person’s life, the day they were born and the day we discover why.”

~ Scottish Theologian William Barclay

Two Rainbows at Dusk in Denmark.

Though I know I was born to write, have known this since I was six years old, I personally hold that our whole purpose for being is love.

Always love. Even when people hurt us, love is always the answer.

They may change who we are or even change who we are around them where trust is so masterfully shattered it can never be rebuilt again but they can never destroy our inner love for love, life and living.

Dear Everybody, I love you. This phrase is borrowed from a book I read in a psychologist’s office where a man changed his world by thinking this simple thought all day long. Imagine, if we could do it all life long.

Dear Everybody, I love you.

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What do you believe our purpose is?

JAM 06April2012