A Porn in Your Side

Aurora Morealist:

Witnessed this, wish I could have said it so well.

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The house to yourself

a super fast connection

you open the site

of your chosen predilection                                                                    

over stimulation

unprepared by evolution

your neural pathways

embrace the confusion                                                                            

multiple partners

too many to count

yet never satisfied

by any amount                                                                              …

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Expectations 1987

title page of the first edition book of Great ...

title page of first edition of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Expectations 1987
To accept silently and graciously
All that life casts in one’s way
Is to accept oneself in entirety
And to look to a new day
Instead of dwelling on what
Changes others should make
We should recognize our own faults first
Then others, we can forsake
It is most puzzling
This human inclination
To place such demands on others
That they fall ever-short of expectations
If demands were reversed
Placed on source of origination
By those who first felt them
There would be signs of indignation
Reaction would quiver and falter and fade
One’s own demands would be found too high
The realization would alter mind think
And bring with it questions of what might have slipped by.
JAM (c) 1987