Fat Ass or Fathead?

There appears to be a proliferation of sense of entitlement elitist superior thinking gone epidemic in our world. Many human beings who rank themselves higher only by thinking themselves smarter, richer, better than others. Lies and denial are what made their heads so fat. No room in their egoistic orbit to permit an nth of reality to seep in. So, given the choice, I’d rather be a fat ass than a fathead.

And I do, as a matter of fact, have a fat ass. But I really don’t give a drop of nat’s piddle about it because I am so proud that my brain will never permit me to develop a fathead.

Walking tall, talking tall and humble in the presence of all.

Even the fatheads.

It’s really not their fault they can’t feel whole without thinking they are better, smarter or better or smarter just because they are richer.  Wealth is self defined and right now mine is the commodity of words.

I forgive them their elitist, superior thinking. But I won’t feed you any biblical kernels of doing it for myself. Because I am not. I’m forgiving them because you can’t blame stupid people for being stupid. Stupid people do not even know they are stupid. They don’t even have a clue how much life they are really missing out on.

See? Now you have forgiven them, too, haven’t you?

Well, going to dance around the room to a good song or five and see if I can shake a calorie or two off my butt. Happy Evening everyone from a Fat assed chick who loves herself. Just the way she is.

Thinking it Over

Thinking it Over (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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14 thoughts on “Fat Ass or Fathead?

  1. My wife was working for one of those people for about a month. It was unreal. She got out of there and went back to her old job. That ship may be sinking, but at least she knows how to swim there.

    I pray every day that I will never be that kind of person.

    • Humans and their actions or arrogant choices. Ex husband, former long time friend faking friendship to get into my past shoes, court matters in end of days marriage stages, arrogance of humans who can all too quickly become felled themselves… when a tree falls in the forest… some just step over it with a superior attitude born of feeling they possess the right to kill any tree they want to… no shame, no remorse, no truth… Felled but walking tall here.

      • Oh girl, hang in there and know that it will all pass… God, so many of us going through similar stuff… must be planetary…. and I thought it was only me… God bless you. It will pass for us all.

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