FRIDAY FUNNING… Name your subject…

… and I will write about it. Whatever you like. May be a single topic/subject or a couple of things. I just want to see what you inspire in me and hope to please you with the result. However, that is not guaranteed, you may not even like it but your input and feedback is always welcome here no matter what. It works like this, if you say Egg, I may write:

English: Pearls Polski: Perła w muszli perłopława


oval pearls of wisdom born

strings ringing necks dead some barely living 

empty shells in depths forgotten


JAM (c)14June2012

So hit me with your best shot and I’ll do something, prose, verse, whatever the word subject prompts in me :) Thanks for having fun with me and happy Friday, all!

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26 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNING… Name your subject…

    • Hi, Cat! Thanks for that prompt and it is ironic you are third after Simon who prompted me with “rain.” I nearly used rainbow in the prose I wrote on rain, lol. Off I go. Hope you like!

      • Now, Pete. We have to have a talk here. This is all great fun and all but the MAN???????? I’m so glad you think there is no one better at this than me and will graciously say thank you for that but do I really look like a MAN to you? Jesus. If that’s the case, no wonder my dating site fortunes are so unfortunate LOL LOL Just kidding and messing back with ya’ Pete. So, now, are you better at messing than me? Hahahahahahahahahaaha Happy Weekend, my friend :)

      • Ok that was a great compliment (you the man) here is the food chain = Jesus, MAN, baseball, football, HBO, car and driver magazine, power tools, woman. I kid! Please no hate mail! I’m sorry!

      • Hah. Ha. ha. Couldn’t wait to publish this just because you are such a smart ass. This is your first hate mail: you are definitely a man and have my condolences. LOL LOL LOL Repent, I say! A dinky little “I’m sorry” will simply not suffice, LOL. After all, it is Sunday… somewhere… soon LOL

  1. How about “The way folks spell names.” I had a different topic in mind when I came back here and I noticed that you spell it Janice (which is how I originally spelled it). Then something I read made me think it was Janis, so I changed how I address you. Now I see that I was right to begin with and I should never have doubted myself to begin with.

    OK, how about you write about “confusion”?

    • My apologies for your confusion, Elyse :) Just fun intended with word play which I seem incapable of halting, lol. For sure I will write about “confusion.” I know it well, lol. Thanks so much for giving me the prompt. So promptly, lol. Yours is number 8 (oooooh infinity upright hehe) so tomorrow or next day for sure :)

    • Okay, in the works, C. Ninnyhammer is soooooo funny, I hardly need to say a thing. Maybe, lol. Yours is my 10th challenge so forgive me if I take a bit of time on it :) See you soon xo

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