Maple Syrup (for Sarah)

Small maple syrup jug with non-functional loop...

“Goddammit. I wish I had some maple walnut ice cream.”

I, being seven, just looked at my pregnant mama’s belly and wished I could give her some maple walnut ice cream. Our rural home meant no corner store convenience and I knew we would both have to do without.

“Hey, I have an idea,” I said, thinking myself quite ingenious for remembering we’d called dad home when mom had false labor a couple of weeks before. “Let’s phone dad at work and ask him to get some on the way home.”

“Dad won’t be home until we’re fast asleep. I don’t really need any ice cream. We’ll just make do,” Mom said.

She put her feet up on the green chenille foot stool that matched the arm-chair and closed her eyes. As the oldest, I got to stay up later and I felt quite important knowing mom was resting and I was the one looking after things with my younger sister already fast asleep in her room upstairs.

Our kitchen was green. Green walls, green cupboards and a black and white checkered floor that always made me want to play hopscotch.  The fridge stood next to the stove, both white and shiny. I had to stand on tiptoe to reach the freezer compartment of the fridge but I managed to wrangle the ice cream carton out from between the frozen chicken legs and ground beef.

I grabbed the maple syrup out of the cupboard near the stove. Grampy brought us maple syrup every year from the trees in Ontario and it was a treat we doled out sparingly so I knew not to use a lot of it.

Scooping some vanilla ice cream into two pink plastic bowls, I wondered if we had any walnuts. I put what was left of the brick of ice cream back in the freezer and opened Mom’s baking cupboard but all I could see was a handful of raisins in a mason jar. I poured a bit of the maple syrup over the ice cream and sprinkled the raisins over that.

When I took the bowls into the living room, Mom opened her eyes and said, “I wondered what you were getting up to out there.”

“Well, I was trying to make you some maple walnut ice cream but I know it’s not the real thing,” I said, digging into the gooey, golden sundae.

“No, this is even better,” Mom said, flashing that killer smile I was yet unaware I would inherit so exactly: “Nobody can buy a bowl of love like this at the grocery store.”

JAM (c)14Jun2012

For Sarah, her prompt was: Maple syrup, enjoy, Sarah, now I want some pancakes, dammit, lol :)

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6 thoughts on “Maple Syrup (for Sarah)

  1. Ah, that’s lovely. That last line made made me feel all sweet and gooey inside, just like maple syrup :-)

    I pour the wonderful stuff on my porridge every morning, knowing that it isn’t just delicious, but also extremely nutritious and good for me as it is packed with antioxidants, zinc, and manganese. Isn’t it wonderful that nature has produced something so tasty that is not on the banned list? It would have been perfect for your mamma and her unborn child.

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful response to those two words xxxx

    • Hi, Sarah, Such warm compliments from such a literary soul are the best award on here. Thank you so kindly. I am just so glad you like. And thanks also for the nutritional heads up, I am going to get some now for sure, lol. Happy day xo

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