Three Faces of Family Eve

Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over… haha … it will never be over until health is the bonding factor… drama, saga, two faces, three faces and more… so sad and so perplexing are some relatives: No truth allowed. Or else.


unfailing trooper never any question

momentarily bonded over facts witnessed until need

expires then so do you


JAM 19Jun2012

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2 thoughts on “Three Faces of Family Eve

    • Seems to be a theme in my life. Hollering the truth and facts. I think that’s why my professional and personal reputation is so stellar. Rational, Reasonable and Realistic even as a kid. Why do those 3 R’s elude so many. Oh. Yes. Alternate palatable long established patterns of parallel realities. People often choose to do whatever works for them with no regard for others or the actual facts of the matters at hand involving others. Ah well. Truth always prevails. Have to go prepare more court documents now. Sheesh. Just what I need. More court stuff to do. Well, nothing for it, off to do what I was asked to. Much love back to you, Kimmy. You rock.

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