Part of me glad to forget…

You know who you are and you know what you did. I have been so respectful and quiet for so long, nearly lost myself trying to do the right thing out of respect for others I once believed in with all of my heart and soul. Learning, giving voice to my experiences, walking tall in truth between the tatters of my life they cruelly shredded around me for trying to simply be heard. Even if they refuse to hear me, I will write my life experiences. They are mine, I survived them have the right to write them. No one minds fluff but just try writing truth. Builds audience fast if only briefly while they spew their anger out at you. Like the lyrics of the song say, sticks and stones… Love Katy Perry, cannot believe how apt this vid is (we even have the same car, lol). Emotional stuff timeless as her lyrics. What I hope for Katy I hope for me. That someday I will blankly say, “Asshole(s) who? WTF are you talking about?”


6 thoughts on “Part of me glad to forget…

    • I don’t know, Pete, I see it all the time on dating sites, too. They SAY they want a relationship, SAY they are monogamous, SAY whatever it takes to keep roping women in and VISIBLY RESIDE on those sites so you can clearly see they are a living contradiction to their words. Walking tall. No matter what others say or do. Truth. So simple it doesn’t need to get so complicated. I wish people would just be honest about WHO they are up front. That’s what always complicates the truth. Ah well, nearly wrote another post, hahaha. Hopeyou have a nice day, thanks for visiting, Pete :)

    • Thanks, Kimmy. Sometimes I get so tired, I just want to close my eyes forever. Other times support and encouragement from beautiful souls like you who know the price of silence, gives me strength to carry on. Sorry I haven’t been on your pages lately. I haven’t been anywhere lately much except Dr’s and court stuff. Slow going but pressing on with all the help and resources available to me. Much love to your kind heart always xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

  1. I love this song too and I want to cut my hair! :)
    Yes this is our life and it’s useless to try to fit in and please others while living in misery… It’s much better to find our own voice, settle in our own place :D

    • OMG There you go again, you sweet adorable doll with the mind of a sage. The world has never known a mind like yours so young and I am thinking the world will never know anything quite like Daphnee’s brilliance when your brainy writing hits the book stores. Rock on, Daphnee, you help me give voice to my voice as I learn from your own words and actions. PS on the hair: you can do whatever you like, you always look smashing and always will, hair or no hair at all so why not have fun trying out whatever pleases you – a giving of voice to the hair if you will, lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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