Nice Rack, he said, but upside down!

An ex, when we were together, opens my fridge, his head in there seeking munchies he did not deserve but I did not know this until later. Much later.

Anyway, he is framed by yellowish fridge light, his unremarkable denim clad butt facing out at me when he goes, “Sweetie, do you realize your racks were put in upside down?”

“No,” I said, “I didn’t realize that but now I know why everything gets stuck in the middle of my fridge rack.”

At the computer writing, I didn’t think of it again for several days. I remember that night clearly when I cannot shove a container of almond milk past that middle rung that should, for all I understood just days ago, be facing downward where it can’t cause these tiresome glitches.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, explains entirely why it is a proven statistic that when women outnumber men on corporate or other Boards of Directors, those organizations are much more successful.

JAM (c) 28Jun2012


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16 thoughts on “Nice Rack, he said, but upside down!

    • Well, I’m warning you soundly now, Marie, I never know what to expect when I arrive here either. A few spins later and there I have it, lol. If I could think straight and spend more time here, it might even engage others long enough to park their bikes here lol lol :) :) :) Happy day!

    • Glad you like, Lindy, gave me a giggle after talking to a guy who admires Donald Trump and Jimmy Pattison. I wonder how many women are behind their successes :) :) :)

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