Double People

people trusted take without give

kindness cruelty lust – you  do not exist

even in your own mirror


glass shop windows reflect someone

pretty woman deep you used to know

where ever did she go


the place they drove her

she cannot yet get back to light

they keep driving her black


consensual fight said the constable

bull said she I would never agree

instigators both he and she


yet closes he the file

despite her physical suffering daily, no compassion

only blame for survivor still


they lied, they had to

it was their way of wronging right

alone she battles darkest night


words they cannot rob her

nor can voice hers the three still

write it right she will


a stranger in the window

with courage to carry her through

she me, her, may be

Four stages of cruelty - Second stage of cruel...

Four stages of cruelty – Second stage of cruelty, second of series of engravings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



JAM (c)04Jul2012

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20 thoughts on “Double People

    • Thanks for “getting” me and “it”, Wendell, more to come because if I can’t get justice through the justice system due to a God (constable) deciding something untrue and totally invalidating to me and the vulnerable position I was in, common sense would dictate 2 against one makes it unfair right there. But no. We press on to blame the victim in our society in ways that are so insidious and acceptably so, that I just must speak out against it. And I will.

    • Thanks, Elyse, for dropping by. Wow is good coming from a brilliant legal mind like yours :) :) :) Details to follow as soon as I can point form all of this horrible crap.

    • Working on it, Cynthia, doing my best but those black darts keep bursting my wee bubble, lol. No seriously, though, they do. Reconstructing safe pink bubbles all day long these days :) xo

    • Thanks, Cat, feeling the warmth from the community here and trust me, it matters when your real life warmth betrays you so completely and profoundly. Re learning trust is so challenging. Thanks for the love xo

    • Thanks, Sarah, your reminders remind me that I have a mind and can use it to defeat blatant idiocy and discrimination against women because that is what this all amounts to. Now I know first hand how the victims of violence used to feel when the “system” abused them further… it is such utter cruelty upon cruelty… I thought I understood them… but you really must row in the canoe to know how emotionally, mentally and physically violating it feels to first be abused by those you trusted and then by those in positions of trust who are supposed to help you. Marching on with your words in mind xo

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