ONLINE DATING, what’s your best line?

Bachelor Girl (1954) ... How the Vibrator Came...

Bachelor Girl (1954) … (Photo credit: marsmet525)

Here’s mine:

OnlineDating: WOW!Oh.THAT.Well.Bye.REPEATtodeath.

Yes, I am laughing as I write it but there really are “lifers” on there. Some openly admit to a decade of online presence. You mean to say in all those years, you did not find a single woman you could click with and “really” live.

Maybe here’s why:

- It felt like work (as all relationships are, good ones, that is)

- She didn’t match up to your dreams (First clue: YOUR dream ideals are getting in your own way of living a REAL life in the real world. Dreams are dreams. Reality can never match dreams.)

- She is not rich enough  (Be clear, if you are seeking a female ATM, just say so. Some women settle for that. Seriously. My ex has one of those types. Delivers everything to the door, he doesn’t have to lift a finger.)

- You don’t really want to disrupt your solo life. You just want someone who is willing to “get together” a couple times a week to “relieve” you. Well, for petes sake, say so. Some women feel the same as you do. I do not but that’s just me.

- You found out you couldn’t find a better woman after all and went crawling back to the first one. Do not expect her to try again. I do not. If I am priority number nine coming out of the gate, I will lock that gate shut asap.

Before you go clattering your keyboard, I completely understand women do same in online dating. My guy friends have stories galore. The question I want to ask is, if it is so successful, why are so many “lifers” still there and why is it so difficult to meet anyone decent who lives nearby. Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley region seems to have an abundance of men who just want to “play.” Not for me, thank you. I want one good man and am not seeking perfection, only perfect together.

Perfection does not exist. Why are all these adults still seeking it? Apparently Grimm’s Fairy Tales failed them big time.

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12 thoughts on “ONLINE DATING, what’s your best line?

      • Thank you, dear friend. Your lovely, kind words to me were sunshine to my waking this morning :-) We all need to feel valued, if we are to keep our sense of worth in a mystifying world.

      • So glad to shine your way if only in some small manner, Sarah. Your light glows all over my pages and mind waves often. Thank you for being a light, loving presence in my world and blogging community :)

  1. Don’t give up. There are decent guys to be found on-line. My next-door neighbour has just procured a perfect soulmate for herself, and he only lives twenty minutes away from her.

    Perhaps you’re not filling in the dating site application form right, so you’re attracting the wrong sort. For instance, you know what you want, but do you describe yourself as you really are? Is there someone you could really trust, who knows you extremely well, who’d paint a more accurate picture of you than you could paint yourself?

    Sometime’s false modesty or being apologetic about oneself can come over in how people describe themselves. I know. I do it myself.

    Just a thought, anyway. xoxo

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