Redemption Rock.

Cursing Gods blind to cruel swords slicing me
Under once warm sun, light barely shuttered
Alone I stood against devils I could not flee
Lashes tighter than heart, barely fluttered
Sharp stones hill hastier than tongues follow
Chafing icy the walls of my safe, quiet well
Outside alive; inside deepening hollow
Before you, I sang: ’twas mere empty knell.
JAM 07Sept2012
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2 thoughts on “Knells

  1. So much pain and sadness. I can’t help but feel it through your words…through the miles (or kilometers). Can you take these pain-filled pieces, put them on paper and put a match to them? Burn them. Send them to a place better equipped to handle them. You still have the artistic expression of them here. The burning of them is just a cleansing ritual. Maybe it will help…

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