Triple Inspiration



horses galloping riders madly seeking

wispy forest woman seer hidden in sight

warm lantern reflects mossy sunlight


JAM (c) 14Oct2012


Title explained:


2. wanted to do picture challenge in less than 50 words

3. Amanda Todd, Amanda Todd, Amanda Todd

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16 thoughts on “Triple Inspiration

    • Sarah Potter. You are a golden soul. Weeping as I write but not painful weeping. Tears of sweetness. Bitter sweetness that we live so far apart and can’t even share a cup of tea together at least twice weekly xo Thanks for this lovely gift of your words. And for the Family of Bloggers Award. My honour and pleasure :) Your voice is sweet, I know this, and yet I have only read it…xo (PS if you have anything online where we can hear you sing, I’d love it if you could share!)

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