Chameleon Rhapsody

Whore of Babylon (french illuminated "Boo...

Whore of Babylon (french illuminated “Book of Revelation”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




flouting fallowed dreams hers, she


squanders friendship loyalty with canny cruel melody:


Piganini, Piganini, Piganini




(c) JAM 16Nov2012


10 thoughts on “Chameleon Rhapsody

    • Missus! I am not worthy, bows and curtsies to your divine editorial eye lol. Thanks, Marie, glad you like :) Could you tell I was pissed off? Wait. Maybe still am, lol. Hard to get over 20 years of history, love and friendship in just a year since her betrayal. Still working on it. Thanks for keeping my wheels turning – meant tyres spinning :)

    • I know. In internet time people expect us to be “over it” yesterday. In real life one cannot take a big pink gum eraser to a simple year’s passing and erase the twenty false years before it. It shocks you as if you have no real memories, they were all false. Your whole life was about what you thought until you found out it was not. At all. It’s like a series of back to back losses nonstop from varied sources. It’s pretty bad when your own Dr says “your life is so tragic” but I said: “No, it’s not. I’m not dead or dying… yet…lol” I laugh when I can and I trust your wisdom, eventually I won’t be so raw… just more time :)

    • Thanks, Joe, you too! Ours in Canada takes place in October but it doesn’t matter, I spend most of my time alone no matter what the day is called. And I don’t feel sorry for myself when I say that. It’s actually really alright, I’ve come to learn. Nobody can hurt me that way. Or stick their fork in me just to see if I am done, LOL! Happy Turkey dinner to you, too :)

      • Thanks, Joe, I hope so, too. Every day isn’t too bad but whenever you get near holidays and think oh, shit, I have to spend another one alone, it can get wearisome. Good wishes always going right back at you.

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