WRITING: What Rocks A Blog? YOU












"Study drawing shows the allegorical figu...

Oh and did I mention, READERS? lol Without reading, NONE of this would be possible. This Sunday I thank readers worldwide for keeping us all going, stopping by with a comment or a word of insight, inspiration, observation or just sharing what we say… a supreme honor, in my opinion, as a relatively new (18 months) blogger.  Thank you kindly to everyone and anyone who has ever visited me, dropped a comment or shared any of my posts. I don’t like technology much and actually refused to blog for a long while. Now I am glad to be here among such stellar minds and writers from the rawest of the raw who move our hearts, souls and minds to press on alongside them,  to the most finely honed talent that you barely know what you have just read until it smacks you right between the eyes with an innate complexity that reads so beautifully, so simply, we must re-read and read again to be sure of what we just read. While I have plenty of opinions and know for certain I will not always be right, I also know for certain I will always be in the “write” zone because of all of you.

Happy Sunday to YOU, Dear Reader, much love xo

Thank you.

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