Pink Christmas Love

ornament birds

mama cardinal rules chickadee girls

little boy wren musical rooster daddy trailing

back home now and then


feathered species take root dropping

age of branched years limbing minds heart

entwined salty tears born apart

heart ornament satchel

Momma said birds are angels

winged ones reach, bestowing on me more

angel love borne El Salvador

peony satchel

what Momma foretold – oh lo!

behold those bearing wings wrapped as flower

friend’s christmas gift angel power

gift shell flowers

pink and green shades love

crocheted snowflake hers, angel hearts ensuring fast

Momma’s love will  never pass


JAM 11Dec2012


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8 thoughts on “Pink Christmas Love

    • lmfao3xover! Mine, too. But did your mama never tell you that it is good luck? Once when I was on my way to visit my mom, some of that landed on my head as I strolled the ferry decks. The first thing she said, okay, maybe hello was first, lol was: “Well that’s good luck when a bird shits on you!” We laughed. I washed my hair. Again. But in thinking about all the old superstitions, they are much more practical than superstitious. Walking under a ladder is just plain risky especially for the person on it, if a black cat crosses your path it means you nearly drove over it, bird doings landing on us – well- they had to make it lucky, didn’t they? Or it would all just be one big shitty mess! LOL

    • And you too, Joe! Hope your Christmas foodie feasts are all joyous and that you share your tasty travels with us when you get back. It sounds like you are taking a break but either way, Happy Happy, Merry Merry and don’t forget the photos and maybe even some recipes for all of us stuck inside this computer!!! LOL :)

    • Much warmth going your way, Sarah! I am really liking pink right now. It seems to be a colour I didn’t have much in my life. The pink silky satchel was only $2 right when I was looking for something to keep my legal/court/files/papers/etc for the lawyer etc It works perfectly, just the right size for pages and holding it when I am in court helps me feel safer for some reason. Maybe all the pretty colours of the rainbow of flower/tapestry on it keep me safe. I dunno. I had the coasters BEFORE my friend from El Salvadore gave me the gorgeous bird ornament! How cool is that! She never even saw the coasters, she is so damn cool. And intuitive. She says to me (imagine a beauty like Penelope Cruz WITH Penelope Cruz’s gorgeous accent): “Janice, stop crying…no more crying.” It makes me smile. So do you! Thanks for winging by Sarah Angel! xo

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