Purple clouds


frigid fires


fair flesh

slivery moon beckons

purpling wagons circle


rosy horizon

I jump through


JAM (c)  18Dec2012


Purple clouds (Photo credit: toastforbrekkie)

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14 thoughts on “JUMP

    • TC, I remember last Christmas you weren’t doing so swiftly. Neither was I. I just want to say thank you so much for staying on here writing and sharing your thoughts with us and visiting me from time to time. The photo was from the Zemanta image finder. I really got lucky because I saw a sky (actually I think more beautiful than this, believe it or not) but had no way to capture it. It did, however, inspire the poem originally written as a haiku but I split it up because it just felt right. Happy Christmas to you wherever you are and whatever you do in your own personal way :)

      • LOL…you and I are getting more comfortable with our situation…and making the most of it…the struggle…it seems…keeps me alive…although it does take its toll. I wish you a joyous holiday, Christmas…that you are with loved ones. I am going to spend Christmas with my son and ex-wife…going to a church to listen to some beautiful music…probably enjoying good food and wine…and opening a few presents…my son asked what I want for Christmas…I said…make me something.

      • Beautiful! I am spending it with some loved ones if I am well enough… so energy sapped with this bug and my athsma… if I can get transit, I’ll go but if I am as tired as today… I don’t think so. Otherwise, I look forward to same, some love, some music, some food and joy. Much love your way this holiday. Enjoy :D

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