Dear Blog Writer:

Comment written on a blogger’s post tonight, had to share because well… just had to for some reason:

I read this and liked it. Then I went away for a little bit. Could not stop thinking about it. So now I’m back. Here’s what I’ve been thinking. As a PTSD survivor struggling against many things (none terminal that I am a aware of), I really have no right to comment on anyone’s journey.

Let me just say that giving myself permission to just feel what I feel, as and when I feel it, has given me a profound freedom from that human need to always have balance. Now, when I have days of imbalance, which far outnumber the days of balance these past couple of years, I let myself be.

My heart goes out to you in your journey and struggle to find your equilibrium. For what it’s worth, I like you just the way you are and I think you may have already found you.

While it’s true nobody likes a pity party, when life throws us turd balls, the best we can do is the best we can do. A title of a book I once read was All you can do is all you can do and all you can do is enough. You are enough. This offering of a glimpse into the very soul of you is enough.

The balance of you was well delivered and at no time did I feel inundated with bleakness, the ilk of which I am guilty of pounding out for readers when I could do nothing else. Breathing and writing was all I could do, is all I can do some days, still.

It is enough.

We may not have the power to right the wrongs in life but we can write the wrongs and write on.

Right on.

(c) AuroraMorealist

English: signs and symptoms ptsd

English: signs and symptoms ptsd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog Writer:

  1. :) brings awareness that while our struggles may be different in many ways struggling has some commonalities to offer insight and support in a way other’s can’t

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