Online relationships murder real life love! Yes or No?

Gadget craziness

Gadget craziness (Photo credit: XuRxO)

Is someone you love on their gadgets way too much? Do they text you and then appear to be texting more and yet you receive NOTHING?  Are they constantly checking and checking and checking for messages online? Do they close the computer when you walk into the room? Do they shift the screen quickly when you walk into the room? Do they shield the screen with their body or position themselves the computer faces them and you can only ever see the back of it? Do they brag about being online or sleeping with their computer next to them? Do they repeat same excuses (I was just typing a letter so that’s why it looked like I was typing or I accidentally hit a letter – ohyahsure -) to justify themselves and their UNATTRACTIVE CHOICES? Are you tired of asking them to be more “present” in the “real world” with you? Do they claim these are “relationships” and they had a “life” before you even though you see nothing but being plugged into gadgets gadgets gadgets ? If you ask what they are doing, do they answer you, openly or continue to ‘hide’ whatever it is, never really answering you at all? Do you wish all their gadgets would just blow up?  (in a good way for all concerned, of course).

6 thoughts on “Online relationships murder real life love! Yes or No?

  1. We all have a private self. No one is a totally ‘open book’ even to a lover. To a true, intimate lover we simply show a few more pages. Before, that private self was largely in our head. Now it can be put ‘out there’, blogged, shared with that great group-therapy-session that is the internet. At least it can be shared in part because, as I said, no one is a totally open book. If you love someone, let them change screens, because we all do it.

    [Having said that, even during the time of my uncontrollable addiction to on-line 'life', for much of the time I was in conversation with people who were revealing things TO me, rather than the other way around. It was often that that I wished to keep private, and so I would change screens. Just mentioning. I see you have a cricinfo button on your picture - sometimes I change screens away from that because England are getting a thumping and I'm embarrassed to be seen watching! :D ]

    • It’s not as simple as a screen change. If that was all and it only happened once in a while, that’s one thing. But it’s chronic, daily, texting, closing, changing, moving and I can’t take it. Emotional investments should be in the real world. Online is online. This is how emotional affairs start and since I have already endured that twice with my husband and the first man I saw for a year after leaving my marriage, I cannot take it a third time. It’s just not fair to me. If someone wants to have lots and lots and lots of online relationships, fill your boots. Far, far away from me and my sensibilities which are healthy in the REAL world, no interest in online addicts. (no offense, M, for I do so appreciate your candor, but a love relationship with that third party/machine between me and my love just doesn’t work, it’s been cited as a relationship robber and it really is in my opinion.)

    • Yes, I agree. This is the general conclusion, I am finding among everyone out there, those I know, those I don’t. Everyone is landing on the same side of the fence on this one. It’s a matter of honor. And loyalty in my opinion. Thanks for weighing in on this one! Much love xo

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