Turning Ground

Family portrait

leafing o’er ages rivering past

collusions smiling brightly even under dappled shade

dusty photo albums withering forgotten


(Photo credit: The Field Museum Library)

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2 thoughts on “Turning Ground

  1. Photographic treasures, boxed and forgotten in musty old basements, archived in rooms or in hard drives. Each and everyone of them furtively holds a thousand secrets. Their Dissolution and their return to life, dependent on whom uncovers them.

    *Really good haiku, is when it isn’t recognized as such and has a life of its own….I never clued in till I read the tag. Then again, that said, I’m not all that sharp.

    • Thank you for visiting again and dropping this here. So true it is dependent on who uncovers them. Your last paragraph informed me of something I had no awareness of about haiku and I thank you for the compliment! Glad you are not sharp. Sharp is cutting, lol. :)

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