Back Story to Cover Story!


My book cover, info on where to find it coming soon!

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14 thoughts on “Back Story to Cover Story!

    • Thank you, Peter, you and so many others have been so supportive these past few years, I honestly do not believe I would even be alive without you. All of you were there for me in ways you can’t imagine. As much as I curse the internet for its hold on the weak willed/minded who do not turn it off because, as with the glass teat (I think Stephen King called it), they are so addicted to it, I am ever grateful for my writer friends here because you all saved my life, you really did. But for you, I am sure I would be pressing up daisies or forever lost. Writing saved me when I had nothing else. Still have some tough days and moments but that’s the nature of PTSD, at least I can talk now and don’t sit rocking the hours away between sharing whatever is on my mind at the time. Hoping you will enjoy the book despite containing much you have already read. For sure I will let you know, kindheart, if not for madly writing on my blog when there was nary a soul in the real world left to talk to, I wouldn’t even have a book of verse to share – that’s how much you have all helped me here. Thanks, Peter. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks, Marie,just added a second one, my eyes are fading, just garnering ideas to do the final one and trying to get it all organized asap as eyes permit is so irritating – haha -what a word to use for sore eyes,lol ;)

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