Kindle Kindled Kindling

And perhaps that final word in the title is the one that will describe my efforts best since my attempts to make it FREE keep meeting with objection due to sites covering their costs. The reason I want this book out there is to create more awareness about Mental Health. Just because we can’t see it and people present well, does NOT mean everything is dandy.

There is often a back story nobody knows a thing of until a tragedy happens like a 10 year old boy in New Zealand who is said to have committed suicide. Why why why…

Why didn’t any adults ask what was going on with this child… so disturbing that people are willing to keep things “quiet” when quiet can mean death.

Voice on.

Loud and strong.

Here’s where you can show support with  a single click, no purchase required – thank you very much for your LIKE :)


8 thoughts on “Kindle Kindled Kindling

  1. I wish you all the best in getting your book out there. Yes, there is always back story nobody knows (or very few know) to every suicide attempt, often signs go unnoticed by those in the suicidal persons life, and when someone commits suicide it is very frequently kept quiet. This keeping quiet only helps to perpetuate the social stigma mental health issues and those with them have to face on a daily basis…

    I’m glad I came across your blog and am looking forward to future posts and reading through the existing one…

    Peace, love, and contentment,

    • Reading your comment just did my heart so much good. Thank you. It’s amazing how the world will stifle the very things that are about goodness and healing to save face, family, etc when lives are at stake. There is no end to this terribly inhumane practice and I hope to make at least a tiny difference out there somewhere. Your thoughtful comment tells me I am not alone in my thoughts and ideas. Thankyou kindly for taking the time to drop this here. Wishing you all the best as well, will check your pages out when my eyes can take the stimulation :) Peace, love and contentment to you as well.
      Thank you,
      Aurora :)

    • OH! How lovely of you, I hope you will enjoy it. I am afraid to admit that I was in terrible tatters for much of those writings. Still, it kept me going. I still struggle but not as much as I once did, couldn’t even talk properly. And that is saying something for a writer. Thank you so much for your kind support :D I do know what you mean about a printed book for poetry, just not the same onscreen.

    • Awwww. Thanks, Marie, much of it you’ve read on here when I was in my darkest wells of suffering. Still, when I hold your Naked In The Sea collection in my hands, there is something very conduit like in the experience compared to reading onscreen. It may tick people off who already purchased but I’m still trying to make it free, not working :( yet.I hope you enjoy it and thanks again, Marie. You rock.

    • I’m still trying to make it free – just charge what the sites want for putting it there – but I get screen dizzy and cannot even find those pages right now today. Tomorrow. Too much stimulation online period. :( You are so right, Lorna. Need to rest again already.

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