Just A Thought…

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We HSP’s are perfectly NORMAL – it’s just the other 80-85 % of the population…

The truth is nobody is wrong.

This is NOT about winning anything or playing the “blame game” of making anyone right or wrong for being who they naturally are. It is about acceptance of sensitive, insensitive (who are usually simply ignorant/uneducated) and HSP’s all living in one world together.

Nobody is wrong just because they are NOT highly sensitive. It simply means they sense things on a lesser level than HSP’s who experience all of life on a more intense level not even of their own choosing any more than the natural born state of others is theirs.

For example, I am an HSP crashed into PTSD by abuse, betrayal and multiple barrages of losses that may have left another person standing without PTSD.

In my observation the internet is growing more and more INSENSITIVE by DESENSITIZING real world human connections reducing them to machines – deaths from brutal cyber bullying say it all better than I can.

Let’s stop this by making sure our time online really matters, really makes a positive difference to someone, somewhere. As an HSP I personally must have my relationships in the REAL world, nothing less will do, no machine existence for me, just cannot do it.

Libraries, writing world connections and long distance family are my reasons for staying online. I ask myself this: if we lose electricity or cell/text transmission, do we lose that person/connection?

If the answer is yes, THAT is not a real world relationship where I live and it is something I could clearly and, perhaps, even should live without. Just a thought.

Traits of highly sensitive people and more on understanding them here:http://www.hsperson.com/

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This piece focuses on teens http://broadsideblog.wordpress.com/…/ but some fully grown adults gather in “bully mind” as well, some are bosses, co-workers, family or even friends who jump on the bandwagon just because they are friends with you and don’t step up to cite the wrong thinking of bully mindedness. Let’s change this, one word at a time, one world at a time so we don’t lose any more HSP’s out there to the misplaced aggressions and angers of others. Mental Health- Make It Healthy  https://www.facebook.com/MentalHealthMakeItHealthy?ref=hl

5 thoughts on “Just A Thought…

  1. I know I’m an HSP and people like us have to find ways to manage all the over-stimulation and stress for all kinds of sources or triggers. If the internet is a trigger, limit your exposure; if it is your safe connection to others as a substitute to being in otherwise stressful person-to-person situations, then use it. The key is that we have to understand our triggers and know our limits. Yes, it would be great if everyone around us would understand us and honor our needs, but, barring some kind of miracle, we need to manage our special place in this world so we can contribute to it, rather than being steamrolled by it!

    • People on the internet are the triggers.So rude and dismissive when it’s not all about them. So rude and dismissive just because they can be. Not here, though. Never here. Computer lights and screens hurt myeyes and makemy head ache terrifically. I do what I can when I can. Anything else has to wait until I am better. If I ever am. Was told this may be as good as it gets butI try every day to do a little bit toward healing more and more… need some closure to totally move on andthat hasn’t happened… yet… hopefully before Christmas, that would be a lovely gift. Hugs, Lorna xo

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