High Way

Teacher talking to student at LSI

People will not pat you on the back for this
Oh no they will not
Said the teacher of Healthy Communications 
As smarter we students all got
No one will rush up to hug you and say
Thank you for learning how to
screw up MY WAY.

~Aurora Morealist

4 thoughts on “High Way

  1. What exactly is the definition of ‘screw up’; hard to define in my opinion. And I would think open to interpretation, usually by someone with a benchmark of skewed values consisting of prejudices, ignorance and in-tolerances to begin with. So who is more screwed up, the labeled or the label’r. The thing about ‘screwed up’, it has a reverse gear. Am consider myself a screw-up, because am far far to hard on myself. We beat ourselves up more than we deserve?

    • LOL Yes, that can happen – being too hard on ourselves, I mean. Though I wasn’t using it as a label here so much as a wrench in someone else’s workings, patterns, way of being that was unhealthy. As for defining the term screw up, here in this short verse I meant “mess up” or “foul up” or “destroy.” None of which applies to labeling others or using an oft bandied about label that probably deserves to die as do all labels that distort and insult human beings for no healthy purpose whatsoever. Hope you stop beating yourself up with that quill over there ;) From one “screw-up” to another, Write on, I’m going to… Thanks for the comments and visit, Hudson. I’ll be over soon to visit your neck of the woods again soon :D

  2. As a former professor, this one really resonates with me. I considered my job a success when students challenged me to think differently. Most of my colleagues, however, did not. They wanted their students to sit there and learn what they (the experts) taught. I wanted my students to question everything–even me. It was so much more fun that way! Oh how I miss those days…

    • I’ll bet you do miss them. Sounds like you were very good at what you did as well and the students likely missed you, too. The best teachers in life always know they learn the most from their students. :D

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