Internet “Connection” Threat

Cottage near Lake Michigan in Shorewood Hills,...

What would we do without our computers?

I want just one weekend FREE of all gadgets, computers and phones.

Just one weekend, Gods and Angels that be. No computers. No tablets. No cell phones. Ereaders that cannot get online. Period.

Yesterday I cartoonized my profile photo on Facebook just for the fun of it.

A man (person, woman, we’ll never know for sure) wrote to me telling me how beautiful I am and how much he wants to get to know more about me and could I please send him my email address so that we can continue to get to know one another.

I was a CARTOON bobblyhead thingy!  Just like Rob Ford (without all the drugs and bad choices he keeps saying he moved on from – what about everyone else – collective mind wipe? Could work. But I doubt it).

Is this what not having any other ‘easy’ arm chair form of entertainment has done to us?

Relegated us to sofas and armchairs that glue our butts so fastly we don’t need to get up and go out and do anything in fresh air ever again or go socialize just for the sake of seeing a REAL LIFE friendly face…

Strangers so desperate for communication they use people online for their sheer entertainment tittilation, sexual or otherwise scamming just because they have nothing better to do?

Are they even aware that not every face on the internet is who they “appear” to be?

An online “presence” is not worth much in my world. It is, in fact, a whole other world. One we must often join in just to survive.

Neighborhoods fall as silent as I do in dismay at the prospect of MORE of this. 

More streets silenced as children stay inside to “play” online.

More children alienated in their own homes by parents who provide every machine or gadget under the sun without actual parenting.

More adults addicted in droves to the “online thrills” of chatting with people who don’t know they don’t even look like the photos they put up.

Sexy woman? Might be a man. Was, in fact, in case of  a horrified male friend.

Sexy guy? Might be a woman spinning a scammer tale from a faraway country…

If it actually IS the man or woman in the picture…well… what is he or she doing online so much if he or she is REALLY that great of a catch?

computer eyes

(Insert human telling on self with own CHOSEN behaviors  - ugliness to behold, NOT attractive, very unattractive and rude to watch, really.)

Survival is just not looking that attractive right now.

Survival of the fittest is almost a joke with more and more of us growing more unfit by virtue of the time invested in stillness to tend gadgets as though they are gardens constantly needing pruning, culling, perking, hoeing and poking.

A cabin in the forest, a cottage by the sea, a rural mountain home are all screaming my name as I write this on this machine.

Here. Where I wish I couldn’t be. You see the majority rules and the majority don’t want books anymore, they have Ereaders… if it’s not on the internet, did it really happen… or is it just another tree falling in the forest as corporations force us to go paperless or pay for our sins of wanting a paper bill to pay, file and have as record if we so desire… are we not “paying” enough already…

What if the whole world suddenly blacked out? Could you survive? Would you want to?

I believe I would and could. Much better than I am now. My life would be much more peaceful. I could relax without blaring TV, pinging computer or beeping phone dogging me, never letting me truly rest from the assault on my senses. And this is all unrelated to the fact that all over stimulation aggravates PTSD (a trauma syndrome I suffer since 2011).

Dreaming only of  being where there is wind, breeze, birds, no crowds, no gadgets, no sound, just quiet of nature indwelling your being with the calm, soulful restoration every human needs. 

If man gives his power and control so freely to machine that he becomes little more than Pavlov’s dog, there really isn’t much to go on for or look forward to… is there?

How I miss my humans.

(c) Aurora Morealist

18 thoughts on “Internet “Connection” Threat

  1. I hear you on this: “I want just one weekend FREE of all gadgets, computers and phones.”

    Still trying to talk my wife into this, but no such luck so far :-)

    • LOL Hoping my boyfriend will do this with me, I just want to spend time with HIM no three way or four way relationship stuff for me. It’s not just rude but it’s very intrusive on what could otherwise be very romantic moments alone together. Feels like a third or fourth or fifth party gets priority instead of each other. Well, that’s how it leaves me feeling :) Still, I have hope <3

  2. walk a way walk away walk away…..i just squat on a rock an claim it, sometimes for a moment, some times for a day sometimes a week at a time

    • It’s not me so much. It’s my dearest sitting on the computer, checking and texting, checking the cell phone, watching sports for whole shifts at a time at my place. I just need the quiet and to watch something not so loud – a quiet movie, Blue Jasmine I heard is really good. The machines are now officially dividing us apart as I am so stressed out about this since we’ve talked (loudly ;) ) about it four times already and it’s our only gripe. Even though I write I cannot and do not want to always be on gadgets. I want to go for walks. I want to go for drives. I want to check out the parks, museums and anything else that is free that people can do together WITHOUT gadgets or SOMEONE or SOMETHING always coming between them. This is my greatest source of stress right now. Just can’t do another weekend as it will be five in a row watching him watch his gadgets. Just. Can’t. Do. It. Anymore. When I am on, I am fast, off and on, shut down. He never shuts anything down, even told me he sleeps with the computer and phone right on the bed when not with me. I can’t handle it. What could possibly be THAT important – is there someone I don’t KNOW about he is emotionally investing in instead of me – who cares. That doesn’t matter. What matters is I can’t go forward like this. It is making my PTSD even worse to manage. Spending this weekend alone to think about things.

      • Jan, you and the lad seem to be having a gruelling time of the relationship. Or do I get the impression because you’re telling us about the lumpy bits and leaving the rest out?

      • This is what kills me, Marie, we have good everything else in every way. But that checking and being “on guard” watching gadgets is not a future I can go into or even look forward to. I just can’t. It’s not a healthy foundation and it’s not what I deserve. It’s hard to give someone your very best when you feel “second” to the gadget :”people.” It’s challenging to me but he tells me himself he knows it is rude, addicting and it’s an “easy fix.” So time will tell as we go along. There are many happy things I could share but I don’t think they are anybody’s business. The reason I openly share this “glitch” is because he seems to absorb better if it’s online and as he always says, I have nothing to hide. So if that is so, this should stop. And I think tonight it just may have done so. First night in ages we watched a movie, a series and he didn’t even have his phone out or on, wasn’t checking anything and we both seemed to re-establish our connection of warm purity. It’s all about safety, trust and building a solid foundation. I can’t control his choices but I don’t have to have something around that leaves me feeling hurt, confused and uneasy as though there is someone or something I don’t know about. No secrets from one another is the only way I know forward. If there is someone bugging him on text or email, they shouldn’t be. If he is replying to other people instead of spending time with me, he shouldn’t be. I’m not an unfair person but I can’t handle anything that is not wide open and viewable to me… smacks of something hidden and I can’t cope with that. Nor should I ever have to. lol Oh boy I’m so tired, gotta go

  3. A boyfriend? I’ve missed something here :-) Well, in the past, I told guys who were smokers that if they wanted to go out with me, they’d have to quit their habit. Obviously I’m not suggesting your boyfriend quits electronic gadgets totally, but maybe he should meet you halfway and give you some quality time. You need to find a shared outdoor interest where there’s no internet signal and no mobile phone signal. How about going on a “surviving in the wilderness” course? ;-)

    • Yes, since January 2013 we have been together, Sarah! lol Ohhhhhh! No internet signal… how I wish. Even when we camped four days this summer, every photo of him is with gadget in hand. I can’t go forward like this. There can’t be anything more important than me. Or if there is, he is clearly not ready for a relationship if he wants to continue investing attentions, emotions, time elsewhere, just not fair to me and I can’t do it any more. He agreed to go for walks with me… so far… Am spending this weekend alone by choice because I need to think about how I want to go into the future, was feeling really hopeless and stressed as though there is no more point continuing as it interferes with my affection for him. Totally puts me off him. I don’t mind checking email as I do or answering a message now and then. But jumping 24/7… NOT for me. It will be sad if it ends over this because it’s our only BIG issue, we argue about nothing else and the four times we’ve had differences it’s always been about THAT. I can’t talk about it to him anymore. I’m hoping he reads this and realizes how dire this situation is. It’s really making my PTSD bad, too. So stressed with that and court coming up, too. Ah well, yes, a wilderness course! lol <3

  4. I’ve done it. It’s not only possible, it’s necessary. You’d be surprised how pleasant being disconnected is. Your senses get overwhelmed by silence and the sounds of nature or the sounds of your thoughts. It’s almost too much! Actually all the technology puts a “mute button” on the messages we don’t want to hear–the ones that come from within. Facing that internal “noise” is a daunting and fearsome task, but one that is so necessary to really get to know yourself.

      • That’s disocciative disorder lol (No I am not a psychologist) I get that sometimes, too, though. Yesterday I thought I was alone in an elevator and when I steppe dout a man stepped behind me, I jumped and then apologized for startling, told him I have a high startle response now. I had seen him in the court and knew he was a lawyer or something… It was reallly strange. He said, It’s okay, I do that too. some people don’t understand where that comes from. It was like having my being valued and confirmed at once. I felt like crying that he knew I was in hypervigilance but then being a lawyer he probably sees a lot of PtSD survivors… or maybe he even is one , who knows.

      • I guess if we let our guard down, we can let people in who understand–and there are people out there who do understand. It’s the letting them in that take an act of real courage, though…

      • I am afraid of anything that makes my PTSD worse and any stress from any source does… it’s really hard to even think about making any new friends, overwhelming… slow slow slow… only thing I know to do to protect myself from psychopath and sociopaths with hidden agendas… everything emerges over time… just have to let enough pass… :)

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