Unerasure II

English: Betrayal of Christ

Mastermind Mistermind

Threaten me no more

“I always win, I know how to work people

You ugly, fat whore!”


Mastermind Mistermind

I was once your hostage

Your devaluing my being

Excuse for perpetual rage


Mastermind Mistermind

I am a good pure person kind

Something you can’t ever be

With such a tiny twisted mind


Mastermind Mistermind

Childcare 5 year, government near same

While working home business & fixing homes for gain

Yet I deemed nothing in your twisted game


Mastermind Mistermind

Awards for creative writing I won

In midst of doing more and all above

Yet in music you only talked on


Mastermind Mistermind

Must tell those who “need” believe

No one else listens anyway

Knowing all you’ve deceived


Mastermind Mistermind

I know you know my contribution

Blame, Lie, Deny and Minimize

Truth never penetrates lying absolution



Mastermind Mistermind

I don’t even believe your lies anymore

You run blindly anger road, magnetism lost

Blackness fires ever more


Mastermind Mistermind

Two against one, kicking helpless, causing harm

Nothing will ever make this okay

Not the lies, not your mind or your dark charm


MasterMind Mistermind

Glad you are no mister of mine

A girl of 19 I am no more, understand

A good woman am I, onward I shine


(c) AuroraMorealist

English: Betrayal of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

14 thoughts on “Unerasure II

    • Court on Monday brought it all rushing back. Might as well have been the night he held my arms and she kicked me. Will haunt me til I die. Why didn’t she just leave? My therapist told me repeatedly, this is NOT YOUR FAULT (the PTSD) but I still think my wiring was faulty for choosing friends and partners. Ah well.

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