When you look closely warts will appear…

Relationship to self.

As humans we appear to have a refined propensity for overlooking things.

I don’t mean in a deliberate sense, I mean in a sense of wanting to believe the best of others.

We overlook so much and then we ask ourselves, how did I get here?

There is a distinct difference between letting of of little things and overlooking big things.

Overlooking any questionable behavior in the early days of relationship building is not wise.

This is the stuff that leads to years of investing in something that was not even good for us.

There is a fine line between overlooking and making something out of nothing.

Choose your battles was the phrase used by the teacher in my trauma survivors class.

The only problem I have with this concept is that when trying to discern what is worth battling, when you look too closely at anything, warts will appear.

(c) AuroraMorealist

Relationship to self. (Photo credit: Celestine Chua) (Flicker)

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