Saint Clause

A nomad prayer on a desert in Africa. The phot...

A nomad prayer on a desert in Africa.

In every relationship there is a Saint Clause. The compassion of giving and sharing is a characteristic of mankind that should endure year round, not just at Christmas time.

When I was growing up, we never turned a soul away and my mother taught us that whatever we had, we shared with those who didn’t have any whether it was our food or a favor – babysitting they couldn’t pay for, wood to burn for warmth or whatever – we knew that kindness was what got one another through.

So, while the coffers of the entitled swell and gala events are making headlines, I sure hope that the Saint Clause is in motion behind the scenes. Not everyone who is wealthy even realizes their wealth nor do some believe in giving. I remember discussing this years ago and an elderly man at the table with us said, “You wanna be sucker?”  

Obviously jaded, he had more than enough to last him many lifetimes yet was so miserly, I swear to God the Greengrinch Meanlines aged his face so badly one could plant potatoes in those furrows. Gone now, he couldn’t take it with him, and didn’t make any difference to anyone while alive. The Saint Clause can be a very sad thing when not invoked while living.

Some are so miserly the only way they will give a thing at all is if they are getting something.

How old were they when they lost their compassion, I wonder.

How old will they be when they realize that compassion is one of the characteristics illustrated in the animal world daily where a dog may nurse an orphaned kitten alongside her pups… while humans pass one another invisibly on the street.

Yes, everybody has their hand out. Yes, it seems like we give and give and then have to give some more. Because we do. We are human beings. Aren’t we…

This is where the Saint Clause comes in. If we stop caring, we will stop giving and if we cannot give, not because we have nothing to give, but because we are miserly, I do believe we have broken the human Saint Clause of life.

To me, there would be nothing worse than dying and leaving behind an estate of considerable value that will go to relatives I never knew – or the government where no relatives exist any more – while people I know and know of in my own communities are wanting and needing help. 

My wish for this Christmas is for balance. May those who have none find some over the holidays and not forget the whole remainder of the year as if hurting people don’t exist the other 364 days.

Humanity. Yes.


Merry Christmas, Everyone.

The photo probably taken by Kazimierz Nowak (1897-1937) during his trip through Africa – a Polish traveller, correspondent and photographer. Probably the first man in the world who crossed Africa alone from the North to the South and from the South to the North (from 1931 to 1936; on foot, by bicycle and canoe). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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8 thoughts on “Saint Clause

  1. I love this entry. I was saying earlier this year that I am annoyed with people. You ask them how their Christmas was and you get a long list of the presents they got. I don’t really care. Did you get together with a loved one you haven’t seen in a long time? Did you volunteer at a soup kitchen? Did you do something special with your family? Things are not important. When I’m on my deathbed I am certain that I won’t remember the gift I got for Christmas one year but rather the times I shared with someone.

    Thanks for letting me sound off.

  2. Great words of wisdom. I feel very uneasy at this time of year, at how hedonism and greed can overtake the spirit of kindness. Also, the loneliness some of the have-nots and the overlooked experience whilst everything is all a-bustle about them.

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