ASSUMPTION: How Assumption Works!?

ASSUMPITION How assumption works

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6 thoughts on “ASSUMPTION: How Assumption Works!?

  1. First reaction………….I assumed this was going to be a toughie for me to read, as ASSUMPTION is one those words which meaning often throws me a curve. To the point where I avoid it like the plague. My fears quickly vanished, as used it in the way that close and dear. So much of how we see someone, think of them, prejudge is based on assumption. Your big clunky, so you must have such an such a personality. ‘ASSUMPTION’ we really could do without it or less of it.

  2. no matter how precisely we try to communicate, language is rife with ambiguity because our brains get in the way! Assumptions about intended meaning get us into all sorts of trouble way too much of the time!!

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