Book Cover Draft: SPIRITSHINER Book Release March 2014

Book Cover Draft: SPIRITSHINER Book Release March 2014

No more poetry! (bet you all heaved a big sigh of relief on that one lol)

No, I don’t mean on my blog. Here I will continue to try posting something if only a meager haiku effort.

What I really mean is that my second book, SPIRITSHINER, is a collection of short stories I have written over the years. Some award winning, some never before read anywhere.

Snippets will be shared until release so stay tuned.

SPIRITSHINER, a collection of wild, woolly and wonderfully short stories available soon.

Style I 2 3

when first you find him

thinking connection blessed everything sunny nothing guessed

he lies: Style, I con


she answers text fingers deft

not much life really hers left pleasuring

strangers lies: I con too


Hippy Hoppy Happy Styling Bunnies

clicking madly over wireless at one another

father mother sister and brother