Well, I know I’m missing entries on the 30 day song challenge so here goes another shot at catching up. Tonight is a 3 for 1. And… after all these days of posting music, as another song goes, If you don’t know me by now, you will never ever ever know me, LOL

DAY 25: Song that makes me laugh…always smile when I hear this…


DAY 26: Song I can play on an instrument… No laughing…(but this isn’t me, just so ya’ know, these people are wayyyyy better lol)


DAY 27: Song I wish I could play on an instrument… especially at about minute 6.45  and if memory serves, Steve Vai played all guitar parts, William Kanengiser, classical guitarist/composer wrote the arpeggio movement especially for the movie and Ry Cooder wrote all the blues.




Day 24 of the 30 day song challenge is a song you want to be played at your funeral. Above is one choice just because I think we should be true to our own callings, never go against our own grain or we pay for it in some way. Below is the second funeral song I would surely have played if I believed in funerals.

 (NOTE: No disrespect to anyone, I just think the person has already crossed over and all the rituals we as people have established serve the living not the dead in any way. They are already freed. In passing the beautiful grave yard tonight where both of my fathers remains were placed, I felt a twinge of sadness that this is how we remember people by placing flowers on the plots that have nothing to do with the imprints they left on our lives and everything to do with our own grieving. I send white light every time I pass, which is almost daily. Same for every time I pass a photo or something one of my mothers gave me, Mom and Mum. I was so fortunate to have two mothers and two fathers who loved me. And I them. Still.)



It’s day 11 of the music challenge! I can’t believe I have 19 more days still left to go! But when I commit, I commit so here goes. If you’ve read much of my blog you will know it’s hard for me to choose just one favourite band or musician, there are so many great ones in all musical genres out there. What is yours? Here’s just one of mine. They have a lot more on YouTube so you are bound to find something you like if you don’t these few of my faves. Happy listening!