In the Booth with Ruth – Aurora Morealist, Author

Aurora Morealist:

Ruth is so good at what she does… love her… thank you, Ruth <3 <3 <3

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Aurora Morealist

What’s your writing background? When did you begin writing and what inspired you? 

In first grade I raised my hand excitedly and fairly yelled at the teacher, “I know what I am going to do when I grow up, I’m going to make books!” This was the result of seeing how powerful even the Dick and Jane readers can be for a whole class full of people, like witnessing magic it was. While holding day jobs for income over the years, I managed to earn a few writing awards for slice-of-life fiction and poetry, the two genres I love best to write. Inspiration comes from human nature and Mother Nature. As for the act of writing, I don’t write because I want to, I write because I must. Should writing ever cease for me, I am certain breathing will too. Writing saved my life. 

How often do you…

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Face of PTSD

“The face of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is not what you might think. Anyone can suffer from trauma. Some even recover fully from it. Others never do no matter how hard they might try. Survivors of PTSD are all ages and all genders, all backgrounds and cultures. There is no “norm” for this invisible war on your psyche. It can happen to anyone. Any time. Be kind, it’s the only human currency any one, no matter the language they speak, can really understand.” ~ Aurora Morealist

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